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NB: OK the data I had typed up for this update was accidentaly defeated.
This is my current info. Also I have changed Dragonite for Dusknoir.


Monferno Level 31 holding Quick Claw
Knows Brick Break, Feint, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel

Umbreon Level 23
Knows Bite, Cut, Flash, Quick Attack

Kabuto Level 25 holding EXP. Share
Knows Rock Smash, Absorb, Surf, Mud Shot

Pidgeotto Level 31
Knows Twister, U-turn, Quick Attack, Pluck

Duskull Level 24
Knows Trick Room, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak

Magmar Level 23
Knows Ember, Smokescreen, Faint Attack, Fire Spin

Current Location: Ecruteak Gym
Money: 35184
Play Time: 9:55
Pokedex: 163 Seen, 19 Caught
Completed Challenges
The "Set" Pokemon Challenge - Pokemon Emerald

Current Challenges
Pokemon Adventures Challenge - Pokemon Emerald
The Username Challenge V2 - Pokemon Sacred Gold
The Nuzlocke Challenge - Pokemon Platinum
Adventure Challenge - Pokemon Storm Silver
The Random Pokemon Challenge (Revived) - Pokemon Yin Black
The Ultimate Random Challenge - Pokemon Heart Gold
Single Fire Mono-Type Challenge - Pokemon Storm Silver