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Favorite LoZ game: Wind Waker. I thought the graphics were a unique but good change, and the game had its decently intense and challenging moments. Disagree? I guess it could be only my opinion.
Triforce Section: (Power, Wisdom, Courage, or none.) Courage. The one I'm sure a lot of people have gone after, but it is the part of the Triforce that displays me the most. I have been striving for Courage for years now.

Originally Posted by Kotowari View Post
*grabby hands*

Also wanted to take those paper/carton towers that were advertising the game with me. ;;
I can't find any examples in google atm, but they looked pretty. |D
On a 25th anniversary related note, I wish I could have gone to the actual Symphony. As far as I know, Europe shows no signs of additional shows... but that doesn't take away I would have loved to go. :<
I completely geeked out when I was listening to this cd. It was like going through all those years when I first played all those Zelda games again. It was a huge blast from the past. I can't imagine what kind of an impact it would have had on me if I actually heard the Symphony live :0.

On an off note to all of this, I think I am going to attempt the Hero Mode on Skyward Sword and Master Quest soon. I've never tried these super-challenging modes before, so I will consider it a huge accomplishment in my sad video-gaming life if I manage to beat both of these before school starts up again. Haha wish me luck
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