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Originally Posted by bduddy View Post
The movesets are the same as the ones in R/B/Y, which were often really weird: Pokemon often didn't learn moves until after the levels they appeared in the wild in those games.
Well the Marowak is lvl 80 now, I stuck with it lol. It learned Bonemerang somewhere near lvl 50 and then didn't learn anything else. So it had Growl when I caught it at Merson Cave, it learned leer, focus energy (i think), thrash, and then bonemerang up to lvl 80. I remember in Yellow Cubone already had Bone Club when you caught it, and learns Headbutt later...

PS: I was leveling up my Umbreon and Espeon last night and Umbreon wanted to learn Nothing and Espeon wanted to learn struggle... is this supposed to happen?