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I'm a veteran game designer. I've been making games in Yoyo's Game Maker since I was in highschool. One day, I ran across a youtube video of a "new pokemon game." I thought to myself, "I should work on a pokemon game. That should be easier than what I've been doing." Sure enough, after searching for sprites and codes, I found PC. Well, we all know what happened from there...

Originally Posted by WillowWolf View Post
I discovered hacking pokemon roms this week actually. I was searching 'Moe' because I'd seen something called moe and stumbled upon moemon and fell in love ^w^. I'm trying to find good sprites for Moemon to insert into my games, because I love moemon.
I plan to attempt my own hack soon, though I need to learn more than just pokemon sprite ripping. All in good time.
I ran through the tread once after posting originally, and WillowWolf, you just got me hooked! I'd love to help script a moemon hack one day.
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