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    Name: Bridger Hoyt

    Age: 14

    Sex: Male

    Dorm: Entei Dorm


    Personality: Bridger is a shy boy who doesn't have to many friends, but the friends he does have he is very close to. He is very self conscious about the way he dresses, and tries his best to look 'cool'. He doesn't talk to many people because of his fear of losing people. His mother died when he was four, and his father is always away training his Pokemon. When he was 10, his best friend moved to Unova. He does have a few close friends though but sometimes loses hours of sleep worrying about them leaving. When people do walk up and talk to him though, he will reply quietly and avoid conversating for to long. Though he is very shy, he is fierce when it comes to training Pokemon. His Totodile, a gift from his mother, has been with him since he was 3 years old, and they spend every waking moment together. He was known very well in his town for his skills as a Pokemon trainer, and people would often challenge him and fail in battle.

    History: Bridger grew up in Olivine City, Johto with his closest friends Jasmine and Sam. They were as close as three friends could be. He lived with his dad since his mom passed away when he was 4, but his dad is rarely at home so he spent most of his time hanging at his friend Sams house. He also had many training sessions with Jasmine when she had only an Onix, and he would usually win considering the type differences. By the time they were 10, Jasmine had a Steelix, but still couldn't beat Bridger. He had a very good rep in town as the strongest trainer, and was even offered a job as the gym leader. He rejected the offer, and instead suggested that Jasmine get the job. She got it, and trained two Magnemite to help her battle. Jasmine was spending most of her time at the gym while Bridger and Sam were hanging out. They missed their friend terribly and it always felt like there was something missing. Then one day, Sams mother said that they were moving to Unova, and Bridger was devastated. He had lost Sam, his mom, and his dad and Jasmine were never around anymore. When he heard the news about Sam, he had a breakdown, and had to see a therapist until he was 12. He caught a Pichu during his time in therapy, and it quickly evolved into a Pikachu. His reputation as best trainer kept up, and eventually he received a letter from the Pokemon Trainer Academy saying they would like him to train with them. By that time he was 14, and fending for himself at home. He talked to his dad about it when he finally came home, and his dad had never been so proud of him. He said he should take up the offer. It could lead to many great things for him. So within the next month, Bridger was off to the academy, and that is where our story begins..

    Species: Totodile (Toto)
    Personality: Energetic and playful around Bridger, but quiet and controlled around other people. Scared around people he has never met before due to the fact that he was abused by his former trainer and doesn't trust anybody he doesn't know.
    Aqua Jet
    Ice Fang
    Hydro Pump (Rarely used because he doesn't know it very well and often messes up.)
    Fake Tears

    Species: Pikachu (Spark)
    Personality: Very enthusiastic and willing to take up any challenge that comes in his way. Unlike his trainer, he is very outgoing and can sometimes be a show-off.
    Lvl: 19
    Electro Ball
    Grass Knot
    Volt Tackle
    Thunder Wave
    Tail Whip