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Yeah I went through and corrected A LOT of the grammar errors. Honestly I have a larger idea for the introduction, I just have to edit the Initial Splash screens, and the "professor" of the game.

As to the Dex and the Poke-ball, I also noticed that error, i will be working on fixing that.

I have also begun editing the array of choices one has through conversation. As to the mother reminding you not to forget Eevee, I simply forgot to "disable" that for the Video; as it does play into the larger scheme of things.

All of the Information on the computers is simply for when this becomes distributable, and players either do not read the wall of text here to see the differences; or they simply ignore it and cannot figure out how to evolve Eevee on my game.

I know some of the Events, and the scripting are a bit laid back; thank you very much for the feedback, as soon as I get some of the event's working better, and a much better recording program I will re-upload the video, and go from there. This is just more of showing the fact, I have a starter and a schematic out there. I will be working on a lot of the little details today.

Evolutions: If you look on my Wall of Text post, I have actually changed the way numerous evolutions in the game occur, this is something I could see some players having an issue with; but that for a fact is something that will stay.

Thank you again for the feedback, I am working to fix a lot of the issues you pointed out, it's more of a limitation by progression.
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