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    Chapter 5
    Bianca's Decision

    Nuvema Town
    One week ago

    Hilbert and Cheren’s wait for Bianca was shorter than they’d expected. In fact, she had arrived on time, it was just that Hilbert and Cheren had arrived early.

    “What took you so long?” asked Cheren out of habit.

    “Well, technically, we were supposed to be here at 10, but now it is 9:50 so, I am not late am I?”

    “Oh, never mind then…” said Cheren in an embarrassed tone.

    The door opened up and out came Prof. Juniper, smiling brightly.

    “Oh. So you’re up bright and early!”

    Yes, Professor Juniper!” they chorused in a sing-song voice. Hilbert cracked up immediately.

    The professor said, “Well, you all better come in!”

    They walked into the nice, spacious lab. The decorations were quite pretty for a scientific laboratory. A huge picture of Professor Juniper and her father Cedric dominated the front wall. The professor seemed about as old as Hilbert, around fourteen to fifteen. Cedric, of course, had his usual jolly expression, a titanic grin on his face. Another wall was mounted by a huge LCD, with various separate smaller screens inside it. Most of them were either scientific graphs, monitoring systems of the various habitats of rare Pokémon and other confusing stuff. One of them, however, displayed her Facebook page. She quickly closed that and went straight down to business.

    “So, children, I entrusted you with the task of maintaining a Pokedex nearly 2 years ago, and now is the time I evaluate your progress. Hilbert, may I have your Pokedex please?”

    Hilbert handed it over, his face beaded with sweat. She passed it over a laser, which beeped and a single, large display emerged on the LCD. A picture of Hilbert was present in one corner, along with various statistical display like name, D.O.B, address, Pokémon caught, Pokémon seen, most frequently used Pokémon etc.

    “Hmm… Not a bad record there Hilbert, 58 Pokémon caught, 140 seen and all 8 badges, good job!”

    Hilbert nodded, relieved that he had, at the very least, passed. He took his Pokédex back.

    “Next up, Cheren…”

    Cheren took a quick second to readjust his glasses before confidently handing over his Pokédex. The same kind of screen popped up again.

    “Hmm… 76 caught, 138 seen, 8 badges. Impressive…”

    Making no further comment, she handed him his Pokédex back and paused, facing Bianca.

    “Before I screen you, did you consider my offer?”

    “Yes,” she said nervously, “and I accept…”

    “Good, now let us see your Pokédex…”

    She nervously handed it over, nearly dropping it. She screen popped up. Hilbert and Cheren stared at the screen, trying to make something out. Then the penny dropped, and so did their mouths. Wide open.

    “Bianca, you’ve caught 127 Pokémon and seen 147. I’m glad to welcome you aboard as my new assistant.”

    All Hilbert and Cheren could do was stare at each other in wonder.
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