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    Yeah I'm here to help haha, don't want you to release your game with so many errors and problems, sometimes simple is the best way.

    Graphical errors are the eaasiest to fix, especially when all you have to do is move the graphic up a few pixels or changing the saturation.

    I did see your Pokémon evolve differently, they also do in my game too, and I have no problems with it, providing you work it out right, not just willy nilly make Pokémon evolve with stones and what have you, I do however think, that the whole point of the beginning was to give the player an volved Eevee, don't make the player recieve an Eevee, but give the player a choice like you did, but give the player that evolved Eevee, then to give the illusion of already "owning" an Eevee, use $Trainer.owned[133]=true, this will show up in the PokéDex as the player owned an Eevee but in the game screen has a Vaporeon, for example, but make sure that after you give the player the Eevee, use:


    Do a check to make this sure on what it's doing... Then do the exact same thing with the evolved form to make sure the Eevee wasn't a male, then the evolved form has been snipped haha... This is just an idea of how to make your beginning event a little more structual, let's say...

    It's fine you have information, but it's a lot to read and MANY players don't like to read pages and pages of text, especially during game-play... Just a consideration.

    Grammer errors are a given sometimes and sometimes can't be help, sometimes I have to press a button like 5 times for it to work but I can write about 3 paragraphs with 50-75 words each in a minute, so when I type sometimes I miss letters and I won't see it until someone points it out or I play test that event.

    On a side note, I need a recording program myself, is the one you used not good? I can't find one that does what I want it to do, record my game with sound and smoothness, then saves it with a clear picture, some programs lag my laptop, others are just shocking... I'd like to know of any program if you or anyone else has got one.
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