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    I am actually planning on giving the player the option to evolve or keep Eevee as is, instead of just forcing an evolved form on them. The main reason Eevee is found in your house is because it's the reason you, as the player, became able to go out into the Pokemon World again.

    One thing I tried, to do but failed; not sure if I Can script it the way I would like, is having the player be given say, Vaporeon, and their Eevee is "taken" instead of him giving the player the Evolutionary stone, that way it seems more fluid to game play. I easily discovered how to add Pokemon silently, it was more the script to "remove" Pokemon did not seem to work for me, your idea, and what I just wrote gave me an idea though.

    As to the walls of text, I will most likely transfer all of that into a read me, but it's all optional text; it's not required to continue into the story, but it's knowledge and back story I want to have actually present in the game.

    And for your final question the program I am using to record with is Cam Studio.
    I downloaded it from here

    It checked out with my Adware/Malware/Virus scanners, but you can do whatever checks you feel necessary. It functions as a desktop recorder, but you can set it to capture a certain section, and center sized window, which is how I did my recording. So it's a bit aggravating, but the image did come out clear.
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