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    Originally Posted by Zayin View Post
    True, true. Here's one. Not very original, but better than nothing!

    What do you think the trio is up to concerning Meloetta? You guys need to have watched the latest episode to know a little more about this. Basically, I understood the trio was searching for Meloetta who was hiding by invisibility. Nothing more yet =P. I can't really guess what they're planning to do with her, but it certainly isn't recording an album or organizing a concert!

    Oh, and by the way, watch that website on July 1st!
    Depends if the plan was ordered by Giovanni or was an independent action. If it's independent then it could be anything from helping the trio create a top selling musical number (well... maybe not anymore) to simply hunting a rare pokemon for sport/pride. If Giovanni is involved then it will be something far more sinister.
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