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Originally Posted by BrakeNeck View Post
Here is my largest map so far. This is Trelum forest, a dense area full of Life. It has one of the harder Gym's in the game; and it is rumored to contain over 15 species of Pokemon. Due to the fact it is composed of Coniferous trees, the most common Pokemon encountered is Pineco.
This link goes to the Map as it is posted on my DA.
A couple of tile errors by the PokéCenter.

The map is huge, looks like a lot of encounters will appear here haha, lucky there is a PokéCenter within if Pokémon get tired... Why does this gym have a cut tree, a rock to smash and a boulder...? Is it one of the last gyms?

The trees also use the wrong peaks, it shows a shadow of a tree that should appear behind it.

I think you need more trees on the path itself.