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    Originally Posted by BrakeNeck View Post
    I rather like your maps. I wonder though, on the first map are they Pokemon sprites visible retained regardless of game progression; or does it change based on which Pokemon are kept there/taken from there?

    Here is my largest map so far. This is Trelum forest, a dense area full of Life. It has one of the harder Gym's in the game; and it is rumored to contain over 15 species of Pokemon. Due to the fact it is composed of Coniferous trees, the most common Pokemon encountered is Pineco.
    This link goes to the Map as it is posted on my DA.
    It has been a loooong while since I've posted on this forum but I suppose I will give it a go.

    At first thought I was surprised at the fact that there was a Center, Mart and Gym in a forest. It's unusual.. but I suppose I can't punish you for creativity, right?

    Near the Gym, their is a Rock Smash boulder, a Strength boulder and a Cut tree right next to one another. I know what you were going for but I need to be honest in telling you it looks out of place and quite.. stupid. Don't take offense, please, it is not my intention to offend. But it does. Say you can only get Strength after you've received Rock Smash and Cut. In that case, is the additional boulder and tree necessary if you KNOW they have those two HMs already? Also, if you'll look to the SE of the Mart, you will notice a mis-placed flower tile on top of a tree tile.

    In addition, those ledges look so out of place/pointless. Fix them so they don't look as such. Overall I would give your map a.. 6/10. It's not awful and after a few fix-me-ups could easily make it to a 7, perhaps an 8. Nice effort and good luck!

    Here is a map of mine. I know it is bland, and I have actually spruced it up before but unfortunately, with the destruction of my laptop, that version of the map (which was much better) was lost. This was years ago and so I can't exactly remember what I did to make it look more alive.

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