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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    I feel Palpitoad will just be battle bot, which is also the feeling I get from Boldore. His team with Pikachu, Krokorok, 3 starters, Scraggy seems to be the main rotation. His 4 Subs seem pretty viable options but they won't get much development I think.
    I mean at least he got an episode during his debut and the Clay episode where he starred. Remember Palpi was just like an offhanded capture in which Oshawott's fear of opening his eyes under water and saving the group was focus. Like remember Ash was just like "Oh hai thur strong Palpi!" *derpy pokeball throw* I mean it's really sad. I hope at the very least in the Shizui eppy MAYBE he'll get some development.
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