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    Originally Posted by 4th Gen Matt View Post
    It has been a loooong while since I've posted on this forum but I suppose I will give it a go.

    At first thought I was surprised at the fact that there was a Center, Mart and Gym in a forest. It's unusual.. but I suppose I can't punish you for creativity, right?

    Near the Gym, their is a Rock Smash boulder, a Strength boulder and a Cut tree right next to one another. I know what you were going for but I need to be honest in telling you it looks out of place and quite.. stupid. Don't take offense, please, it is not my intention to offend. But it does. Say you can only get Strength after you've received Rock Smash and Cut. In that case, is the additional boulder and tree necessary if you KNOW they have those two HMs already? Also, if you'll look to the SE of the Mart, you will notice a mis-placed flower tile on top of a tree tile.

    In addition, those ledges look so out of place/pointless. Fix them so they don't look as such. Overall I would give your map a.. 6/10. It's not awful and after a few fix-me-ups could easily make it to a 7, perhaps an 8. Nice effort and good luck!

    Here is a map of mine. I know it is bland, and I have actually spruced it up before but unfortunately, with the destruction of my laptop, that version of the map (which was much better) was lost. This was years ago and so I can't exactly remember what I did to make it look more alive.

    This is a nice base for a map, if I were you I would begin by adding some minor Fauna, and things of that variety. Small detailed features, that make more of a "pop" when the player is going down the roads. Right now, the grass areas just seem to empty, other that that it is a nicely placed map.

    Nickalooose: This is my Edit or Trelum Forest, I will be adding some small road blocks for the Gym, but they are not placed for now. To answer your previous question, yes this is in fact one of the last Tiers of Gyms. Gym 15/18 to be more precise.

    4th Gen Matt: With the Poke Center and Poke Mart, this area has a HIGH encounter rate, and has a large variety of Pokemon. Along with these facts it is the first real challenge on the way to the gym. It will have trainers added in eventually, mainly on the way down to the Poke Center, only one of two before the Mart. As to the Gym, I will be having a few Gyms which do not occur in Villages, similar to the Fuscha Gym off the original Anime. That is concept I loved, and was sad to see did not exist in the games(At least Gen I ,II, III)

    Now onto my update. This is a newer version of the Map, it is not the final version as it does not have trainers or random items/hidden items quite yet. I used a more complex version of Mapping this time, to try and make it look more like a Forest, and less like a wall of trees with some road in the middle. Let me know what you think .

    P.S. The path to the gym is also fixed so it is navigable. I also expanded the Entry-way to the North by one or two blocks, also for navigation issues.
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