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    Starting my Yellow now.

    -Left my room and tried to go into the grass.
    -Oak caught Pikachu.
    -Gary stole Eevee and Oak gave me Pikachu.
    -I beat Eevee and used the Potion from my PC a bunch, for those that don't know, in yellow, use Potion with no effect and it raises his happiness, to ensure I get Bulbasaur later on.
    -I did the Parcel stuff. I caught Caterpie and Nidoran♂.
    -I got through Viridian Forest while training a lot.
    -While training Caterpie evolved to Metapod and then again to Butterfree.
    -Beat Brock by sweeping him with Nidoran♂'s Double Kick.
    -Did the whole Route 3, Mt. Moon, caught a Clefairy and arrived in Cerulean.
    -I got Charmander and Bulbasaur, beat Gary, and beat the Nugget Bridge trainers and got the SS ticket from Bill.
    -Beat Misty.

    Team at this point:
    Butterfree Lv.26
    Confusion, Stun Spore, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder

    Nidoking Lv.27
    Leer, Horn Attack, Poison Sting, Focus Energy

    Clefable Lv.26
    Sing, Doubleslap, Minimize, Growl

    Charmeleon Lv.28
    Rage, Smokescreen, Ember, Growl

    Ivysaur Lv.26
    Poisonpowder, Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Growl
    The Eeveelution Challenge

    My wife and I share my PSN account.