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    Originally Posted by HeroesAndCons View Post
    I have a major issue with this otherwise great hack - the difficulty of certsain Gym Leaders is outrageous. The Grass Gym had me struggling to grind decent levels, and there was NOTHING useful at that point with a type advantage to Grass types (just Swinub, who is weak to grass, Delibird and Sneasel, who are better left unmentioned, and the terrible early bugs).
    The biggest outrage is Isaac the fighting Gym Leader, though. Quite frankly, a Level 42 Machamp with Earthquake and Dynamicpunch is unbeatable without literally hours of grinding - even my level 34 Kadabra was OHKOed, and Machamp outsped everything else. Please lower Isaac's main Pokemon levels by about 5 levels; level 42 at that point is nothing more than a complete waste of my time doing relentless grinding - something which should not need to be done if this is, as you say you wish it to be, a "true RPG". Unless those levels are lowered, well... mission failed, sir. Mission failed.
    You are not supposed to beat Isaac at that time but....

    Do you still have your Bulbasaur?

    I beat Isaac only with Bulbasaur(of course, I did try a lot of times before I was able to beat him), you can say it is the Ace for this hack as it is right now!

    All you have to do is learn to it the moves Sleep Powder and Leech Seed and you can win most of the battles in the current beta!
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