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    Originally Posted by blooster23 View Post
    This is a great hack! I love it. I was able to find 3 pages out of all of them. I was able to find the 3rd one by luck

    Originally Posted by digimonqueen View Post
    what's the item the man wants to give you for $3500? i don't trust shady characters after that Magicarp dude. can you at least give me a hint? oh, and PLEASE click on the egg in my siggy. i need it to hatch.
    It's Town Map for Pokegear that he's selling. I guess that price could be lowered a little bit too...

    Originally Posted by HeroesAndCons View Post
    I have a major issue with this otherwise great hack - the difficulty of certsain Gym Leaders is outrageous. The Grass Gym had me struggling to grind decent levels, and there was NOTHING useful at that point with a type advantage to Grass types (just Swinub, who is weak to grass, Delibird and Sneasel, who are better left unmentioned, and the terrible early bugs).
    The biggest outrage is Isaac the fighting Gym Leader, though. Quite frankly, a Level 42 Machamp with Earthquake and Dynamicpunch is unbeatable without literally hours of grinding - even my level 34 Kadabra was OHKOed, and Machamp outsped everything else. Please lower Isaac's main Pokemon levels by about 5 levels; level 42 at that point is nothing more than a complete waste of my time doing relentless grinding - something which should not need to be done if this is, as you say you wish it to be, a "true RPG". Unless those levels are lowered, well... mission failed, sir. Mission failed.
    Others have also said that Brady and Arnold are very difficult to beat and it wouldn't be a problem if they were optional ones but they're not...
    You can actually get Pidgey, Hoothoot and Vulpix by then.

    Nevertheless, I've decided to drop down the levels of the pokemon that trainers use. Wild pokemon will stay the same and that way, the game won't maintain as difficult as it's now. It's good when everyone can beat it, the storyline is more important feature than how challenging the game is after all.

    And as Max said, there is no reason for the player trying to defeat Isaac at all and I didn't mean one to do either.

    Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
    I enjoyed the beta. It's cool how the player's party is starting to develop now. THANK YOU for putting in an elemental orb. I was hoping we'd have the opportunity to get one in this release.
    Good to hear you liked it!
    *I replied to the difficulty in my earlier quote.

    Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post

    Is it possible for you to return that stolen sweater?

    Not in this release but in later releases, I think I'll make it that way. You still have to put it in use before giving it back though

    Originally Posted by !MaX! View Post
    I beat Isaac only with Bulbasaur(of course, I did try a lot of times before I was able to beat him), you can say it is the Ace for this hack as it is right now!

    All you have to do is learn to it the moves Sleep Powder and Leech Seed and you can win most of the battles in the current beta!
    Actually... it can't be done like this anymore.
    Instead of Sleep Powder, I made it learn Stun Spore so that you wouldn't be able to "cheat" through battles anymore. At least, with Venusaur it's practically impossible to lose a match by using Sleep Powder, Leech Seed and Razor Leaf.
    *Besides, Bulbasaur learns Vine Whip at lv12 instead of lv10 like in normal releases. There is no point in having such "feature" now that you can't go and challenge Ritch in the beginning before having to battle some trainers first but that was practically the idea behind that.

    I've decided to keep Bulbasaur the way it is now and make trainers easier to beat that you don't have to "cheat" to win at all.
    I tested through the hack without using any of the Kanto starters and it wasn't so bad really (and was underleveled compared to the pokemon gym leaders use).

    Originally Posted by Evil 4 Life View Post
    how far into the game is brightbulb city? How many hours of gameplay and gyms am I looking at?
    This would probably be a 60-80% release of a normal pokemon game like RSE or FRLG. There are six gyms of which 2nd and 3rd one have to be beaten and rest are optional (you aren't collecting badges at all, there is a very different quest you've got to finish).


    I've decided to start working on an update Beta 3.0 soon. The following version will be called Beta 3.1 and will have the following updates to Beta 3.0

    -Trainers weakened a little bit (levels dropped by ~10% likely, leaders > 10%)
    -Three minor bugs fixed (of which one can't even be found without hacking in current version. Other ones: "Ancient Power" text bug + "TM Sandstorm in the rocks" if not picked. Not sure if anyone has even noticed these.)
    -Updated information in the zip-file telling you shouldn't continue from the point where you left off with Beta 2.2 (it's okay to continue from the point where you left off with Beta 3.0 however).
    -New battle sprites for Team D. Goons, and for another one who already has a new battle sprite which will be made even more epic, and possibly even more

    Credit for the new battle sprites goes to Poketto-Monsuta.
    Just for reference, here is some of his earlier sprite work:
    My Rom Hack

    Fixing bugs in a ROM hack
    CP of encountered pokemon in GO

    Learn how to hack GB/C games:

    Check my GameBoy/Color hacking videos in Youtube
    -The video set uses Pokemon Silver (U) rom for demonstrations
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