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But but but, the Water Temple in Skyward Sword is very neat. o3o If you can call the Ancient Cistern a "water temple". Though the actual equivalent of the water temple
call it a sand temple if you want is not as great a pleasure. It's pretty fun to go through some of parts and I thought the Time Shift stone were pretty neat... But. Hng. The music gets annoying after a while. |D

I actually thought the Water Temple was okay last time I played OoT:MQ. I didn't really get stuck this time, and the map was actually a great help. Though, I do remember the first time that I played OoT (the previous line was the third time playing any OoT, I hadn't finished MQ on my second play through) I got lost, so lost. I hoped that I would be able to reset the puzzles if I left, but I nearly freaked out when I noticed they didn't. When I found the way I was kinda very happy. |D Maybe it's because I'm older (if only 4 years), but the WT didn't scare me as much as I remember. : >

The Lakebed Temple was actually pretty fun. It's just annoying to have to move the stairs a kazillion times to go to a place you've already been to. |D
The Swamp Temple in a Link to the past was okay. I remember having to redo it a few times (I'm not good with 2D). The Droplet Temple in Minish cap was pretty fun, though I hated those flying plants (or w/e) that dropped water on you.

There was no Water Temple in Wind Waker. \o/ Go find Jabun instead. |D

Originally Posted by harmony~
I completely geeked out when I was listening to this cd. It was like going through all those years when I first played all those Zelda games again. It was a huge blast from the past. I can't imagine what kind of an impact it would have had on me if I actually heard the Symphony live :0.

On an off note to all of this, I think I am going to attempt the Hero Mode on Skyward Sword and Master Quest soon. I've never tried these super-challenging modes before, so I will consider it a huge accomplishment in my sad video-gaming life if I manage to beat both of these before school starts up again. Haha wish me luck
I know the feeling. I squeed with joy when I heard the first tunes of the 25th Anniversary Melody, and I was overjoyed to recognise a lot of the melodies they put in that song. During the Wind Waker Symphony, I could basically tell when the scenes were playing. The Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement was pure joy (to me, it's the strongest track on the CD) and I really wanted to go ride Epona through Hyrule Field. |D

I was wondering though... does anyone understand what they're singing in the TPS? All I can make of it is "mighty portal" (at 4:36 and 4:55)... but I doubt that's the actual text. ._.


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