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Originally Posted by dragonzftw View Post
Okay I have like a ton of questions, firstly when I run Pokemon light platinum do I insert the ruby rom into the vba? or light platinum?
Than if I insert the Ruby rom into the VBA how do I get it not to have a white screen?
Third How do I get the whole game in English, because I have used an English IPS patcher and it made like some of the game English while the rest was in Spanish.
Also could someone put like a screen shot of what their folder of Pokemon light platinum looks like (if possible)
Last but probably one of the questions I really want to know is when your pokemon learn new moves is it based off the third generations levels or the fifth generation? (kind of confusing but if I am asked ill try and simplify)
I'm not gonna answer anything regarding white screen if you are lazy to search in this thread =)
Movesets are pretty much random, they mostly follow 3rd gen, though.

Originally Posted by ADLFM14 View Post
hey wesley did you make the map tiles like trees buildings and others by your own or you brought them from another game and by the way this the most epic hack I've ever played keep up the good work and wish me good luck on my hack and thnx :D
Everything has been made by Wes himself
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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