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    Neela-Fa, Lake Arrius

    The sunlight seemed dappled upon the lake's surface, and in the shallower regions she could make out weeds and other plant life; no doubt there were fish somewhere deeper in, but far away from where the intruder bathed. The only sounds were birdsong and the movement of water, especially the latter when she stood up and liquid ran down her scaly form. If one looked closely they could make out faded lines across her stomach, lines which seemed to be her skin discoloured. She subconsciously ran a hand over one of them, staring at the shore where her things still lay. After a moment or so of thinking, she left the waters and waded back to land. At least it was warm enough for her to dry in the time it would take for her client to get to the meeting point.


    The embers in the fire pit, reminiscent of orange glow bugs dotting the night sky, sparked a little as she added the fox's haunches. A swift, easy kill that had garnered her a decent meal; most of the creature was now gone, languishing in amongst the acids of her stomach, and the fur had been stripped to provide a more suitable pouch for the mark's head. It was nearly nightfall, but not quite time. She prodded at the last course of her dinner with the very blade she had extinguished it with, turning it.
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