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    I hope it's still okay to post in this thread, yes?

    I'm planning to do a hack of either HG or SS using PPRE. I was just wondering how much experience others have had with using this tool with these games?

    I know of some issues:

    You can't fill up the level-up moves because it will make Pokémon learn unwanted moves all the time -> Easy to fix

    Editing Wild Pokémon makes the game crash because of the scripts -> this is adressed a few posts above

    Most HG/SS roms seem to stop working after some time because of anti-piracy (or something) -> no idea if my rom is affected or not, so any help here would be appreciated. I do have SS for real, is there some way to get it off the DS cartridge on my PC?

    I'd appreciate any additional input on this, or just links to forum threads about this and other common issues with PPRE and HG/SS.

    Thanks for your time in advance,

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