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    Originally Posted by Hikomi Yuuki View Post
    When I first started reading this, I thought I will hate Kuoira (I hope I don't butcher her name). I have never exhibited fondness toward characters with major superiority complex/over-competitive/acting aggressive- for -no -reason characters (imo, because I think they're an overused character trope in many books that I've read), but turns out, I don't hate her at all later in the story. That's how well you have executed her into this story. The scene when Kuiora punched Sai to earn acceptance was a nice touch. Add more flavor to the character...
    Overall, this entire chapter is very well written, and the pacing and Kuiora's actions always keep me interest . :D (*un-constructive comment is un-constructive* )

    And is that a "character development" that I see in Sai? At the beginning of the story, he was portrayed as a wild... creature (I really cannot say "young man", since well, he doesn't act like a man), who seems like he barely have any control over his emotion, and is definitely not the most patient trainer on Earth. But in this chapter, he steadily endured Kuiora's punches dozens of times and TRIED to not snap. (He did at the end anyway, but only leash out one punch. It was an awesome feat ). I feel like he was more stable compared to the last chapter. (Or maybe I'm looking too deep into this).
    Out of all the characters, I have the most interest in Sai, since he is just so mysterious. :D
    Keep up the good work!
    I agree it is an overused trope, though I try to give Kuiora reason to act aggressive here. She's young and doesn't get the attention she needs/wants, and she reacts the only way she knows how. And indeed, Sai has been undergoing some character development as well. Glad you like the fic and thanks for commenting!

    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    I just finished reading the new chapter and it's really good, as always.
    I like how that little Tododile -now a Croconaw- acts.
    Though Bugsy has a weird way of giving away his badges, but oh well.

    Looking forward for another chapter~
    Glad you like it, and also glad to hear you've been reading. Thanks for commenting!
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