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They would have been more appropriate as Forest Mansion, Fire Temple, Water Temple, Shadow Chamber, and Spirit Temple. Now that I look at them more and think about it, the Fire Temple could have been destroyed and when Link goes through it, that's what we see is a demolished and broken version of it and perhaps it would have been different in the past. I can't say the same for the Water Temple though. It's just a hot (wet?) mess. lol Spirit Temple is a gorgeous temple and seems like a headquarters for people. ...Small people, on one side anyway. And giants on the other. lol I still like them all and think they're totally unique though! Even though the Forest "Temple" isn't really deserving of the title, it's my favorite because it's just so different.

Also, I think another reason the TP temples fit so well is because some of them aren't titled as a temple. You have Goron Mines, not Goron Temple. And you have City in the Sky, not Sky Temple. So you know, they're more fitting because they're named appropriately.

I'm such a dungeon freak and I need a life lol. I always wonder if people go pray in the temples in OoT or something lol. But who in the WORLD would pray in the Shadow Temple? Temple implies a haven and a place of peace and prayer, perhaps a gathering for religious followings. I guess everyone that goes to the Shadow Temple are Satanists? lol
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