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    Tim Korinal

    "Alright, we have our supplies; is everyone ready to head out to Eterna City?" The rest of his five-kid crusade to rid Eterna of adults responded with mixed caution and joy when it was finally time. One of them, a Gabite host, was as headstrong as Tim, just charging into everything, while another was as afraid of adults as the adults should be of them. Lucky the latter, who had a Chikorita, had non-offensive moves, she didn't have to do much in actually fighting. Hopefully Tim and the rest of his little group could help her get over her fears. Hopefully more people would join their squad, too.

    "Awesome, then let's get going." When they were about to leave to head through Mt. Coronet, though, Tim saw a pair of girls coming in from the edge of the city. One was floating, though both looked ready to pass out as soon as they stopped moving. Practically by instinct, he rushed over to them to see what was wrong, despite knowing he couldn't do anything to actually help.

    "Are you tired? Or hungry? Or hurt anywhere?" He didn't give them a chance to respond, really. This wasn't his bag, so he kind of panicked and talked a mile a minute. "Jesse, you know what to do, whaddawe do?"

    "Um..." the Chikorita's host paused, "we need to get them something to eat to help them get their energy back!" They should be able to recover quicker if they had some food, so a few of the little brigade took some fruit out of their supplies and brought it to Arcea and Hailey for them to eat, maybe get a bit of their strength back. She was going to add that they should be taken somewhere safe, but since they were still in the borders of Children's City there wasn't going to be a much safer place than outside. Especially when one considers the demolition-ready buildings that no one seemed to try fixing.

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