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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    I'm such a dungeon freak and I need a life lol. I always wonder if people go pray in the temples in OoT or something lol. But who in the WORLD would pray in the Shadow Temple? Temple implies a haven and a place of peace and prayer, perhaps a gathering for religious followings. I guess everyone that goes to the Shadow Temple are Satanists? lol
    I always wonder about the skeletons and redeads that fight in you in temples. What exactly are they-- dead knights? After all, there are voices of Hyrule Knights that whisper throughout the Shadow Temple. It makes me wonder then if it was a place that knights used to come to long ago. Either way, it creeps me out.

    And then I wonder where all the weapons come from like the bow or hookshot. Did they used to belong to adventurers and were lost, or have they always been the monsters'?

    I wonder about stupid stuff, I guess. I really need to get a life :D
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