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    Originally Posted by Migrating Mews View Post
    Where is everyone?????? BTW, gonna join soon k?
    No idea, but someone else joined :D, glad your joining soon mew

    Originally Posted by Hibana Genshuku View Post
    Hey, I figured i'd try to join, but since I don't have any level 100's yet, i'll probably just join as trainer. Please forgive me if i'm doing something wrong ^-^

    * = Required
    *Name: Hibana
    Sprite: See my trainer card below.
    *Friend Code: 0175-7363-9702
    *Days Your On: In the summer, everyday. Can't say during school because next year is probably my last year.
    *Pokemon in your team: Charmander (Going to level him up to Charizard once I get him today via migration), Blastoise (Same concept, but i'll get him tommorow), Ivysaur, Infernape, Torterra, Empoleon

    Welcome aboard Hibana! You dont have to level them to 100, 4th gen games can auto level them to either 50 or 100.
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