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    Chapter 4 – Venius Cloud – God District

    "Watch where your mind wanders, young one, I haven't only been taught to keep people out. Next time you might not only get rebounded. Now, I will not trust you, nor will I forgive your kind for torturing us like a group of animals. I will however be depending on you to get the support from sponsors that I need in order to survive in the arena."

    Venius flinched at Raike's tone, and quickly grabbed his glass to recover. What he hadn't realized, was that his recovery looked quite silly because, it was empty when he tilted it back to sip. Flustered panic was taking over. Normally he wouldn't lose himself so easily. It was basically his job aside from being Raike's guide, to stay calm and presentable. So, something like this came as a shock to the God. All he could do was laugh nervously and refill his glass.

    "If it makes you feel better, I do that with everyone. I didn't think a human would be able to block my ability. Uh, sorry..." Raike was certainly interesting. Someone would have had to teach him how to block readings. Meaning, another human could teach this in secrecy to many individual humans.

    He sighed deeply, and scratched the back of his head in basic defeat.

    "There's so much order in the God's District, that the Goddesses automatically like anyone who has the heart to be rebellious in any way. Victor's have very few rules to follow, and even if they do break these rules, they're let off with a finger shake and a stern 'don't do it again'. To not be a Victor and already have mysterious, rebellious qualities is desireable."

    The man reached into his pockets, and pulled out two slim objects. They both caught the lights of the room and reflected them back with their shiny silver-black coating. One was a container, another was some sort of electrical device, similar to a Pre-Modern phone.

    "These are two things everyone must carry on them in the God's District." He held up the device. "This is a Personal Identification Device. It's basically every piece of information in a compact design. It holds information on the owner, and allows access to any sort of things you could ever want on a person. I could look up your name and find out where you live, what you want to excel or fail in, what your family tree is like, what health conditions you may develop, any predictions related to you..."

    He raised his eyebrows. "Because information is distributed to whoever wants it, it keeps citizens from doing anything that may ruin their reputation. Victors can hide most information about themselves if they want. If I checked Bernkastel's profile, it would be the cleanest one with only a couple paragraphs and obvious traits like eye color. Checking, say, the wife of one of the Victors, would produce the cleanest Goddess profile. But, I can tell you that she probably also has the biggest unknown criminal record."

    He clicked open his container and showed Raiki the contents. There were small capsule pills, each with their own section. One red, yellow, and green pills, and two white.

    "All citizens also carry similar pills based on job, lifestyle, appearance... That sort of thing. The white pill is for calming nerves. The yellow is for depression. The green substitutes for several glasses of water. The red pill is the only one that everyone else has. Regular citizens do not know what it does, but I know that it erases twenty-four hours of memory. Quite useful, don't you think?"

    He snapped it closed. "Anyways. Victors have an option to have all of these things. Wives and husbands of them get lee-way. This is because if everything was completely strict, there would be more rebels than what the Gods need to control the districts. The minimal rebels we have give reassurance to the citizen Gods and Goddesses that the government isn't in complete control, when really they basically are."

    He drank from his glass. How much water had he consumed in this time frame? Three glasses? Four? "It also helps that you're good looking, even though you're a human."

    Chapter 4 – Preserias – God District

    Preserias pushed his hands on the armrests to take a stand from his seating. Though he did not approach Daiki, he did listen to what the boy had to say on the matter at discussion. He occassionally looked over at the human as to show he had some of the angel's attention. The rest was focused on their surroundings. Casually, Preserias circled the room and checked practically everywhere. For what, one probably wouldn't guess. He was checking the room to see if it had been bugged. Even though the cruise ship had unexpectedly been their transport, Preserias was curious as to see if the Gods had any flaw. Did they fail to monitor their latest participant?

    "I agree that there are better ways. These Gods lust power, not peace."

    Smiling, Preserias uncovered the silk shading of a light fixture mounted on the wall, to find a flexible metal device hugging the back of the bulb. Carefully, he peeled the flashing tracker from the metal and stick it back on the bulb; only taking what he had been looking for. Smoothly, he shut it off with the disconnection of the wires. He slipped it into his pocket and made his way over to Daiki.

    "My chances do not look good then," Daiki sighed.

    "Not at all, Daiki. 48% is an excellent percentage, taking into consideration you have some pretty powerful and bloodthirsty competition--"

    Preserias jerked forward slightly when the young man swayed with hunger. The angel straightened as Daiki caught himself; possibly meaning to catch the human had he fallen.

    "Sorry I did not eat anything yet. Seems I must break my fast."

    He smiled, and shook his head. "You should have told me earlier. I'll go find my... Employees, to see that they make you some food." The word was foreign on his tongue, but seemed to be the appropriate word to use rather than 'servant'.


    Mere minutes passed, and Preserias returned. He held open the door to allow the servants entry. Three in total carried the things necessary for a grand breakfast. They wore suits of pressed white, with sewn-in badges on the left shoulder. The younger one, a girl, unfolded the tablecloth that had been hung on her arm, to cover the single rectangular table in the room (Yes, even she was wearing the suits. It seemed to be the dress-code of the ship's crew). The two men at her side swiftly changed the once bare white surface, into a glamorous feast of the morning. Not only was there baskets of fresh fruit and bread rolls, but towers of perfect fruit-based muffins and two pitchers of drink. One was of milk, the other of some sort of purple concoction. Dishes were set off to the side along with utensils and napkins.

    As they did this and put the decorations of fresh flowers, Preserias leaned against the doorway with the device from before pressed against his ear. He was speaking into it, to someone on the other end. A quiet tone, as so the servants across the room did not overhear. Daiki, however, could. And Preserias made it clear that he knew, by giving the human eye contact.

    "It was unexpected. I had only gotten the call this early morning as to the details."

    He paused, and watched the servants smile at Daiki politely, and slip out the door. Preserias shut it tightly, and held up a finger to the man as to say 'one minute'.

    He cleared his throat and checked his silver watch. "It did not occur to me that I would be staying in the God's Realm for more than a day."

    Preserias lifted the phone from his ear slightly. Perhaps because the person on the other end raised their voice?

    "I understand. It is quite unfortunate that the district lost their leader so recently, and then I myself ended up becoming busy with these Game preparations. As you say, the Angel District cannot run without a leader for the time I will be gone, so please appoint the position to Kalsis temporarily until then."

    He removed the phone away from his head, and clicked it off. He nodded to the table. "Help yourself to the food, Daiki."
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