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    Originally Posted by BrakeNeck View Post
    Now onto my update. This is a newer version of the Map, it is not the final version as it does not have trainers or random items/hidden items quite yet. I used a more complex version of Mapping this time, to try and make it look more like a Forest, and less like a wall of trees with some road in the middle. Let me know what you think .

    P.S. The path to the gym is also fixed so it is navigable. I also expanded the Entry-way to the North by one or two blocks, also for navigation issues.
    Originally Posted by fiOWNya View Post
    The grass looks odd, grass generally doesn't come in little circles. Also, don't know if you ripped the trees, grass, branches, etc yourself, but the shadow/outline should be changed to something to match the grass. It looks really choppy.

    As far as the map itself goes, I would probably widen the path just a little for ease of movement. I think the overall layout of the trees looks good (they aren't just in lines, they are natural looking). I also like the river going through the town, there just aren't enough rivers around. However, the buildings, benches, and lights seem somewhat haphazardly placed.
    I think this covers it... There are no shadows for anything however... Plus the guard tower has a random white line underneath, you need to remove that... The lampost shouldn't be positioned like that either.