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    When I get the final release you will all be informed, trust me, I'm quite excited to get this game out just as much as you are to play haha.

    New update:

    I've created a few more FakeMon! I also have a very special FakeMon which will be released at a later date due to it's specialness haha, I may even have a specific event to capture this one... (It's not legendary)... I really want to show you this one, but due to what it is, I'm pretty sure people will steal it, so this can wait til the game is released... If I can keep my mouth shut haha.

    Here are a couple of new ones, I'm still working on a few, but these I think are finished. Don't steal these either please.

    Let me explain a little:

    These are part of the Ant family Pokémon
    Top row = Normal
    Bottom row = Shiny
    Type 1 = Bug
    Type 2 = Fire
    The queen however, I may consider making her Bug/Flying, kind of like BUTTERFREE, I haven't thought this much through yet.

    As you will probably notice straight off, is that the first 2 on each line are different somehow.

    Sprite 1 = Female
    Sprite 2 = Male
    Sprite 3 = Queen.

    You've probably guessed already, ONLY the female will evolve, but, they are also classed as 2 different Pokémon, as although they are the same ant, they are different species, the move sets are different one way or another, the abilities are different too.

    The differences are that, the Male and Female have different style antenea, the males are longer due to the strength this Pokémon will hold, the females are smaller for speed and nimbleness... The males have "teeth" (I'm not sure what you would call these haha)... Another addition to the move set obviously.

    The males have the ability, FlameBody.
    The females and the queen has the ability, Rivalry.

    The males have a more attacking moveset in this order of learning:


    The females have more to speed:


    The queen has a veriety moveset, mixed between, attack and defence and cannot learn some moves the female ant can learn:


    I still need a spriter, if anyone is interested... I think I'm getting better at it, but it would be nice to have a pro along side of me haha... I won't allow you to do all the work, I will help you, if not do most myself, so it's not a big job for you, as you can see, I do sprites myself.