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    Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
    I figured out how to change cries, but i cant find a blank midi anywhere.
    I also tried the blank spaces, its not working cause you have to resize the mugshots but then they look weird also i dont know the hex numbers for the blank spaces, do you?
    Also lol your mugshots are really awesome, i cant beleive you made them, there really spot on!
    Hmm. I'll try to look for/make one.

    No, but I recommend you to use Unlz-gba, or any Pokemon sprite-editing tool. I'm no good with hex hacking yet, so I don't know much.

    Hahaha, thank you. But it took me a whole day to make those three. =_=

    Originally Posted by XxLostSoulxX View Post
    Quick Question here, im stuck in the part going against Shane and another part where i have all the key cards yet i cant go anywhere because it says i have to find my friend or the grandson? And i saw you had reshiram and zekrom at level 5? is that the giveaway patch but how do you apply that then apply another ips file wouldn't that just overirde the whole rom including the save or no?

    It's been awhile since i played these games.

    I don't know if my answer was quick enough for that quick question, but here it is anyway:

    *Shane, is an optional opponent in the game. You can go sparring with her, anytime throughout the whole demo. Don't worry though, by the end of the demo you'll obtain something strong enough to defeat her.

    **About the CARD KEY's, you can't use them yet until you find your best friend / rival. He's at the south-eastern part of Aurora City, talking to a merchant.

    After talking to him, he will give you your TICKET.

    ***Yes, that's the Giveaway Patch.
    You need to patch it to another clean Fire Red ROM.
    You can continue your save file/s by simply renaming the .sav files or .sgm files to the name of the ROM that you'll be using.

    Hope I answered all your questions, good luck, and happy playing!

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