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    Have you ever thought "You know, man... if you like, went south of Pallet at the beginning of the game, you would TOTALLY be able to go through Kanto backwards"? Yeah, didn't think so. But a while ago, I did, and I decided to make it a reality.

    Fire Red: Backwards Edition (also going by the title Der Erif when I try to seem slightly more creative), is a a hack of Fire Red in which the maps and scripts are messed with in a way that makes the player go through the gyms in the following order:

    Cinnabar > Fuchsia > Saffron > Celadon > Vermillion > Cerulean > Pewter > Viridian.

    Additionally, there are other changes:
    • Many Pokemon have been buffed. In particular, plenty of bugs are stronger.
    • Some gym leader TMs have been changed so you don't get overpowered moves early.
    • Some typings have been changed. Not many, though.
    • Surf has been given a lower base power.
    • Cut has been given a higher base power and made steel type.
    • Naturally, every trainer has been changed.
    • Wild Pokemon have beenc changed as well. This hack has nearly every Pokemon between Gens I and III, with the exception of legendaries and a few others.
    • "Teleport" is now a psychic type explosion.
    • Pokemon appear in puddles, like Gen V.
    • There is a postgame, so be sure to make your file saves without savestates.

    As the hack has been released on some other forums, I already know a few bugs:
    • The move "Strength" has broken. It is now 100 pp with no typing. It uses the user's special attack stat.
    • In Pallet, the rival doesn't grab the Pokemon he ends up using, if you pay enough attention.
    • The move "Rock Tomb" causes the game to crash. No Pokemon can learn it, but one trainer's Pokemon has metronome and may use it.
    • The map doesn't correspond to the routes aesthetically. This isn't so much a bug as an "I'll fix it later".

    "But Slike!" you say. "Nobody could possiblly be manly enough to go through with this hack! We demand proof!" you say. This is why, in addition to the nice, happy download I have attached to this post, I have a collection of screenshots:


    Right off the bat, you see a path south of Pallet. Of course, you need to get a Pokemon before you can leave.

    This is typical.

    Not even the Pokedex can stop the overwhelming power of the Old Man.

    Regardless, he's not that bad. You just have to walk the entire way around the country, that's all.

    Wait... Walk? Slike, you idiot, where are my running shoes?

    Now you can RUN around the country. Much better.

    Because it's not an island.

    The Seafoam Islands aren't Islands, either. Now they're a pair of wells.

    But things east of the Seafoam Wells don't look too good. What could possibly be going on here?

    Later on in the hack, I decided that many of the areas in Fire Red are painfully boring. Because I was deciding the wild Pokemon for those areas, I had absolutely no inspiration. Then I decided to MAKE some inspiration by fixing those boring routes.

    The route connecting Saffron and Lavender has been made into a rain forest. Lots of bugs can be captured here, and trust me, you want them.

    Some people call me a sadist, but I like to think I'm making the game more fun.

    The route east of Vermilion is also incredibly boring, so I turned it into a swamp. The "Pokemon appear in puddles" mechanic shows up a lot more here.

    The route east of Cerulean has been made into a mountain where you can find ice types that weren't available at Seafoam.

    The route south of Saffron has been given a more urban appearance.

    Contrary to popular belief, you cannot use strength on that truck.

    Mt. Moon has always seemed like an awful area to me. I mean, it's more like "Moon Cave". So I decided to make it an actual mountain.

    Hopefully this is enough "new area" screenshots to pass the approval process. The point of this hack is the backwards mechanic, rather than any changed maps.

    Additionally, this hack was made with the following tools:
    TM Editor Pro
    Advance Pokemon Sprite Editor

    Additionally, I got early scripting help from Liggy, a person I know on another forum.

    Edit: Let's add a few new sections here to clear some things up. First, have a "Known bugs" Section.
    Moltres doesn't disappear if you catch it, but it does if you kill it.
    Some tiles in Saffron, the swamp, and Diglett's cave are clear when they should not be.
    The rival grabs his Pokemon from the wrong spot.

    At a certain point in the postgame, you can go to two and three island. I didn't change them, so if you explore, anything could happen. Also, if the PCs stop working, fly to Vermillion and go to three isle port to fix it.[/spoiler]

    And since people like to ask me questions, here's a guide to some of the harder things in this hack that seem to keep messing people up:
    In Seafoam, you don't need strength to complete the ice puzzle.
    Magby, Elekid, and Smoochum evolve at level 40.
    After beating Surge, complete Diglett's Cave and head to Rock Tunnel.
    Remember, fly and the bike are required items to finish the game.

    That should do it.
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