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I found this hacked Fire Red game online and I got it for around 2 bucks.
It turns out when i got it it was on a disc, unlike most Pokemon games, which are on cartridges. I played it and i loaded up like Fire Red. But, when i got to the Prof. Oak speech, It said Pokemon Creepy Black. I was like, wow, people have been looking for this for a long time. So I started playing the game and the trainers were CURSING. Then, after the battle with Gary Oak at the beginning, I looked at my Pokemon and I saw IT. Yes, the infamous Ghost.
I had not had him earlier and he had one attack, Curse. He could not learn ANY other moves and he would never die. I played through the game and noticed some weird things. There was a trainer in a tree who said, "Why do you have THAT Pokemon?! He is very dangerous!" And, at the battle with Brock, you had to put Ghost first or else Curse wouldn't work. I haven't finished the game yet, but, I continue to keep playing. It is a very weird game.