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    (Thanks for the feedback! Always good to know people are reading my work.)

    The Corruption of Groudon and Kyogre
    3 Darkrai, uder the orders of his master Giratina, reached the realm of Arceus, where he sought out the deities Groudon and Kyogre,who shaped the land and the oceans. 2 When he found them, Darkrai approached Groudon and told him: "Kyogre intends to flood the world so that water Pokemon will be surperior to land Pokemon. The only way to prevent this is to use your powers and dry up the oceans." 3 Groudon became furious, and descended to the world of Pokemon to do as Darkrai advised. 4 Then Darkrai approached Kyogre, and told him: "Groudon intends to dry up the world's oceans completely so that land-dwelling Pokemon will be superior to water Pokemon. The only way to stop this is to use your powers and flood all the world's continents," 5 Kyogre became furious, and descended to the world of Pokemon to do as Darkrai advised. 6 Darkrai, having done as Giratina told him, returned to the Distortion World to await further orders.

    The Last Great War

    7 Groudon summoned all land-dwelling Pokemon, telling them: "Your home the land is in danger, and we must protect it with our lives." 8 So the land-dwelling Pokemon followed Groudon to the shores, where they would confront Kyogre. 9 Kyogre summoned all the water Pokemon, and told them: "Your home the sea is in danger, and we must fight to protect it." 10 So the water Pokemon followed Kyogre to the shore lines, where they met Groudon and his army.
    11 Kyogre asked Groudon: "Why? Why would you desire to destroy the oceans? Are you so full of pride, brother, that you cannot stand to be on an equal level with another Pokemon?" 12 And Groudon answered: "Pride has nothing to do with it. You've threatened my land with your oceans, and now I must prtect my home." 13 And with a burst of rage Kyogre attacked Groudon, and Groudon attacked Kyogre. And the land and sea Pokemon also fought.
    14 High in the sky, Rayquaza saw all that was happening in the world between Kyogre and Groudon. So Rayqaza descended upon them, and with a great blast of wind, blew apart the two warring factions. 15 "Have you both so much pride that you would destroy the world to prove yourselves?" Rayqaza demanded. "You are both fools, poisoned by Giratina's whisperings." 16 And Groudon and Kyogre were ashamed, and all the Pokemon were ashamed. And for their pride, Rayqaza banished Groudon to a cavern deep below the land, and Kyogre to a cavern deep below the ocean floor.

    The Slumber of Arceus

    18 Arceus saw the battle between Groudon and Kyogre, and grew weary of all the trouble in the world. So it decided to rest. 19 So it created from the moon itself an envoy, to carry out all tasks Arceus would have to do. Arceus gave to its envoy enough power to create Pokemon to aid it, but not enough power to destroy. 20 Arceus named the envoy Cresselia, and senti her down to an island in the world of Pokemon where she could watch over the world. 21 And Arceus descended to a place in the world called Spear Pillar, where Palkia and Dialga also were, and fell asleep deep below the ground.
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