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Yeah, I'm sure Miyamoto didn't want to pull a George Lucas on us haha. So looking at the timeline, although it doesn't seem to come together and make sense in some spots, we have to remember that the older games were either incapable of holding a heavy storyline, and they probably didn't think Zelda would have lasted this long. But I'm glad it did. :) Now later Zelda games have room to actually contribute to the timeline in a way that makes sense. I don't think they really started to think about it and make an attempt to bring it together till OoT, considering that's where a lot of things in proceeding Zelda games came from. Certain dungeon formulas, items, etc. were all borrowed. And TONS of characters in MM's case! Weeeeeeeee I love OoT being so fierce. I should hug it. Though I find it weird 4SA is at the end of it, but 4S is in the part before the split? Ummm? I never played either of them though, since they're both kind of difficult to play without proper equipment or more players (I AM REALLY LONELY GUYS) so I always felt like it shouldn't be included since I can't be the only one that didn't have access to it. I'm sure tons of others didn't either.

Also ewww adult timeline. :( -doesn't like the DS titles-

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