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Hey, all. I would first like to apologize for my slow posting and otherwise lack of activity. Unfortunately, an issue has arisen with paperwork I had submitted to ensure and continue my grandfather's medical housing. So, it seems I have to re-submit it once again and possibly attend court hearings over the matter.

It was a matter I thought that I had settled and I really did not expect it to surface like this, and as a result my free and spare time is all but gone taking care of the matter. So, I'm afraid that I highly doubt I'll be active until this is all sorted out.

I apologize for the abrupt departure so soon after joining, but it was very enjoyable to read all of your wonderful posts, and I hope you will have me back someday. Thank you to everyone who made me feel very welcome, especially you Lincoln.

I wish you all the best and hope you continue this interesting and intriguing RP as it grows even larger. Stay gold.