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    I'm new to roleplaying and I've always found it so fascinating. I was roleplaying with my friend the other day and he pulled this move.

    charcoal attacks shelly with a powerful gust, but shelly withdraws into her protective shell and only takes 1/2 damage. an excellent move by her trainer and wonderfully displayed by the pokemon - if this was a contest it would go down as a high grade. shelly uses teleport to dodge charcoal's flying foot and is able to appear behind charcoal and mach punch. the punch in the ribs has winded charcoal and he has -2 speed for the next 2 turns.

    end of turn 1:

    shelly 40/45
    charcoal 36/45 -2 spe

    ok charcoal use protect to scout and give you time to recover! now fire off a powerful firespin into shelly's mouth to burn her tongue. after you have done that, dig a hole!

    I was REALLY confused on what to do after that. Can someone help!