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@igotpokeballz: So like, there's totally an SU template on the first page of the OOC here. You've gotta use that, and there are a couple of quality control limitations you'll need to follow (mainly, personality and history sections must be a certain minimum length.)

@Lila: Well hello there! Welcome to my roleplay's OOC page. ^^; I can see you're new to PC. When you want to ask a question about RP, you may want to post it in the Roleplay Discussion thread in the future. You can find that thread stickied on the main roleplay corner board. (You're currently in the Roleplay Lounge sub-board.)

Regardless, many RPs don't use that sort of battling format. |P Off the top of my head, I'd suggest just... taking the fire spin because a powerful fire spin is still an extremely weak attack that couldn't even burn a grass pokemon. It has other uses, though, mainly stragetic ones. I might recommend the move Razor Shell, because Shelder is significantly more physically strong than it is specially strong. That, or wait until the fire pokemon returns to the surface and hit it with an avalanche attack. I don't know.

Welcome to the forum by the way! You can feel free to take this conversation to VMs if you'd like. |P

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~