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Hailey and Arcea - Children's City
Hailey abruptly stopped when someone approached her with concern. Her hatred blinded her to any sort of kindness and all she could feel was a resentment towards the presence of the other, a great prejudice against him whomever he was. She had to remind herself that she was in no position to be acting on her emotions, lest she wind up dead and never have a chance to truly achieve her goals. Thus Hailey remained silent, throwing a rather harsh glance at Tim. Really though, would one really expect anything less from someone who was in so much pain? The exhaustion took off the edge regardless.

Arcea, the larger of the two girls whom currently floated, was less hostile and less exhausted than Hailey despite having a broken leg. Turning to see the male she only managed to get a glance of him briefly before he turned and ran off. When he returned, it was with food. ...Huh. Hailey's brow furrowed and she just sort of glanced back at Arcea, who gave her a somewhat wistful look in response. Finally, Arcea spoke up.

"Heeey... yeah. Ran into a bit of trouble in the underground. It's not as bad as it looks--I just can't walk." Arcea said, seemingly perfectly cool with the male. Hailey remained silent, avoiding Tim's eyes as she went about setting Arcea down into a sitting position. "Don't mind her, she doesn't really like people..." Arcea continued dismissively. It was true, though it wasn't the whole truth. This boy didn't need to know Hailey's intentions. Meanwhile, Hailey herself collapsed against a wall, grateful to be off her feet. "My name's Arcea. ...That's Hailey." Arcea paused a moment, shifting as she tried to get comfortable. Having a rather large tail could make sitting somewhat uncomfortable at times, she found. "Did you get that for us?" She gestured to the food. "--Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it. It's just not every traveler who'd /do/ that. We weren't expecting it." Arcea finished. Sure it was arguably suspicious for a stranger to offer you food, but they'd been so weak that she didn't doubt his intentions. If he had wanted to rob or hurt them he'd have /done/ it already.

The thought of being murdered crossed Arcea's mind and she briefly frowned, but then proceeded to expel the thoughts from her mind. How morbid and unnecessary!

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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