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    To all,

    Ahh, i love you guys thanks for the positive feedback.
    Unfortunately, because of the roadblock i've hit this project therefore (read on)

    Ok guys lemme tell you about my Visual Basic skills. I learnt Visual Basic when i had NO INTERNET (:O shocking isnt it). No guides. No people to assist me. I looked at all the lines of code for Hackmew's apps, and that taught me how to program a little. It's been a hard road for me trying to finish this app. With little to nothing, VB6 experience i looked into .Net, and found that it looked more difficult then Vb6 so i kinda avoided it.
    I honestly wish i could've finished finished this app and released it, but sorry guys, thats a no go.

    So without further ado, i release the source code for SongInserter Advance.

    The source is a bit unorganized as it contains all the shrapnel of ideas and possible future addons that i left behind.
    I really dont want to see this project go to hell, so can someone please bring project into working form and keep it as close as possible to the original thing.

    Thanks guys, and peace!
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