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    Okay, here I put so much work into this one...
    Name: Cail Frost Age:13 Sex: Male Dorm: Suicune
    Description: (check my trainer card in signature.)
    Personality: Cail is a very quiet person, but can be very socially active if you say hi or start a conversation with him. He is kind to the ones that are fair to him and will accept you for who you are. He hates people who are careless and throw more important things away. Cail is very fascinated with the Piano and doesn't really enjoy rap or any genre of rock music. He loves art as a way to express emotion. He will draw many things with angles in them and admire them for hours on end. He can eat anything but prefers fresh foods from the garden such as celery or tomatoes. Cail always finds free time as a time to pause and reflect on his day, so if you ever ran into Cail, please sit and enjoy the silence. Cail's favorite color would have to be blue and green. These two colors he enjoys because they resemble peace to him and he loves the silence like I told you earlier.
    History:Cail grew up in Goldenrod, Jhoto. He had a wonder life and loved to spend time with his mother and father. At the age of ten, he decided to go get a pokemon trainer's license. At age eleven, he graduated with straight A's on his tests and finals. Cail's parents were very proud of him for being so intellegent in the field of being a pokemon trainer. On his twelfth birthday, his house was bombed by Team Rocket at ten fortyfive PM, this ruined his entire life, forever. two months later, an elite four member from Hoenn named Phoebe found him on her vacation in the streets. Phoebe adopted Cail as her own and trained him to be a ghost type master. That is when Phoebe found his potential and asked Prof.Oak to leave a space in Suicune Dorm open for Cail. To assist him, Phoebe gave him the pokemon he trained with as a gift.
    Pokemon: Duskull Lv.18 Gender: Male
    Moves: Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Night Shade, Curse
    Personality: Duskull is a chatty pokemon, who never had problems in life but understands his trainer emotionally. Duskull can be clever when having a social conflict, but does great in battle! Duskull cannot stand people who are snobby or rude and tend to eat those people's "good" dreams so they have nightmares. Duskull loves Sour/Dry poffins that Cail can make and will never leave a crumb! Duskull also adores piano music and seems to hum a low drone to it. Finally, if Duskull, could do anything, it would be to bring back Cail's parents to make his trainer feel better
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