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So I started playing White again, since I haven't really bothered to play Gen V in a while.

Decided to start my adventure in Unova with a Snivy. I didn't nickname it because I have absolutely zero originality haha. So I got my Snivy and continued down Route 1, which is pathetically short (like 30 steps), catching a Lillipup and a Patrat for my Pokedex, which I'm actually making an effort to complete this time around. Learned about dual Pokecenters/Pokemarts and what-not from Prof. Juniper. Heard some crazy guy with green hair rant about Pokemon liberation or something crazy like that. And now ANOTHER guy with green hair is talking to my Pokemon... huh. Strange. Looks like I have to battle him. -Battled this guy with a strange name "N". Battled my way to Striaton City, destroying Bianca's team in the process. Battled Cheren in the Trainer's School (he sure is much more of a challenge than Bianca) and got a cool Panpour in the Dream Yard, which I used to defeat the Gym Leader, Chili. Now I have to go look for a Munna in the Dream Yard. -Found one! Wait...Team Plasma? And they're...KICKING THE MUNNA?! I'm calling the cops. Or I could beat them in a Pokemon battle too, same thing... -I beat them and they STILL kick Munna? Whyyy??? -Teleporting Ghetsis. Ok then...I'm confused. And the grunts are more worried about their supposed punishment than how their leader can teleport and clone himself. Huh. -Musharna! Wait, how do they leave Dream Mist in the shape of a Pokeball? -Caught a Munna =)
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