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    Thanks for the reply to Crawdawnt, Tajaros. What he said is correct.


    Here's something extra in the game people may skip so I decided to post it.
    This is PokeTime. I know most of you are veteran players and some are competitive battlers like myself. But there may be rookies playing the hack so my partner scripter Tajaros decided in various cities they'll be a tv show on that will give you tips and hints for battles. Some will even give you advice tips like "Ferroseed may seem like a boring defensive pokemon. But don't be fooled. It has access to spikes, stealth rock, and leech seed when it evolves. Be sure to try one out for yourself!" etc etc etc, you get the point.

    Some In-Game Shots:
    Haven't inserted the correct feet marks and probably won't ever...

    That Tailow about to get slaughtered...
    Like some pokemon games, about 4-5 pokemon are only available by trading trainers in various places. Larvesta being one of them...

    Here's a look at one of my favorite gym leaders later on in the hack. EON, the Electric Gym Leader.

    (As of right now, the backsprites for the following pokemon are not inserted perfectly. I'll get to re-sizing if I remember and have time. They're front sprites are perfect though: Rhyperior, Togekiss, Ambipom, Yanmega, Tangrowth, Roserade, Magnezone.)

    I'm inserting the last handful of pokemon today, then all that's left is for my buddy Tajaros to insert all the scripts over and I believe we'll be ready to release it! Woohoo...