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    It's not my best chapter, but enjoy. Please leave a review.

    Chapter 10 – War Shifting

    Downtown Saffron City, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Tuesday, March 13th, 3535. 1900 Hours.

    A chopper carrying: Major Infernape, Marksman Zangoose, 1st Lieutenant Garchomp, Warrant Officer Frosty, and Captain Zoroark; traveled north to the frontline of the city's defense. Where it was being attacked by Axis forces.

    "Alright team. We were ordered by Poliwrath to help out the frontline at New Saffron City. There is nothing left there. But we are going in to solve make a bit more time for the rest of Loyal helping with the civilian evacs," explained Infernape as he adjusted his new chainmail and leather armor.

    "Evacs? Sir don't you think we have better things to do then that?" asked Frosty, putting on his goalie helmet and adjusting his armor as well. Frosty was never really one to care much about helpless civilians. They only ever got in the way.

    "I don't know what Poliwrath and Jet were thinking about, but something inside told them to do this."

    "How long is window?" asked Garchomp, finishing up his last bag of potato chips, and then tossing it out of the helicopter.

    "A few hours, maybe."

    Zoroark watched Frosty prep for battle. His goalie helmet, as well as his padded armor, had a blueish fire design with icicle pictures. Frosty spotted the Rookie looking at his armor, "I can't live without my armor."

    "Excuse me sir?" asked Zoroark, feeling his skin flush at getting caught staring.

    "You see, I treasure this armor. If I have this on me. I can relax. Because it is hard to get hurt in these. So without these, I'm a dead man," he chuckled and turned away, fully ready for battle.

    The chopper arrived at a wall with a large metal gate placed in the middle. There were thick wooden planks laid across the gate, preventing it from opening. The team stepped off the chopper, weapons in hand, and walked towards a man.

    The man's name was, Captain Vex. He was in command of one third of the 101st Battalion. He was wearing blue leather armor and chainmail, and no helmet. He had two swords strapped to his back, a spear in one hand, and square shield in the other. He had a bit of facial hair, scars near his right eye, and was practically bald.

    "Major Infernape! Glad you're here!" Vex smirked, nodding. Being sarcastic about the situation.

    "Vex, what's the situation here?" asked Infernape, ignoring the greeting.

    Vex turned and led the team up the wall steps. They walked to the top, and looked out at a very large field. A line of Axis troops could be seen in the nearby distance, slowly marching towards the wall.

    "Alright, we sent a few hundred regular, earth infantry to engage, but they were mowed down by arrows before they even got close. And they were persist kills, not even one troop survived the slaughter. That's just from our view. And that was the whole first wave of defense. We're second, and I doubt this defense is going to hold..." explained Vex, pointing out numerous spots on the battlefield in the distance.

    "Wait…your first defense?" asked Frosty, looking around the wall, and only seeing much too few archers and infantry.

    "That's correct…" deeply sighed Vex.

    "Who's the nimrod who ordered that?" demanded Infernape, resisting punching something.

    "Some dude, but you're in charge now," mumbled Vex, looking away.

    "Be more specific on this dude, Vex," growled Infernape, looking ready to kill.

    "Some inexperienced Colonel, who went in with the attack force. He's probably dead."

    "F*ck!" Infernape replied, stretching the words.

    "Yeah, I know," Vex sighed.

    "Alright, brief us about the cities defense," quickly added Zoroark, changing the subject.

    "Majority of the military forces is our Battalion. There's also: a few hundred reserved earth troops, and the city's police."

    As Vex was explaining multiple waves of enemy troops began to charge. Some of the frontline man had ladders, ready to storm the walls.

    "Sir! They're attacking!" yelled an archer, loading an arrow to his bow and getting ready to shoot.

    "What's your orders, Major?" Vex asked, looking at Infernape, who was putting his Naginata spear on his shoulder.

    He then made his way down the wall, walking down the stairs and began shouting out orders.

    "All archers on the wall, Zangoose is in command. Frosty I want you to keep that gate shut with any and all troops available. The rest of us are going to assist in the evacs. Vex, how many civilians do we have to evac?" explained Infernape, leaving the area and making his way to the evac area.

    "Around Five hundred."

    "I'm going to be honest. The defense is too weak and too thin to hold the incoming attacks, and we have a limited amount of time to evac that much civilians," explained Zoroark, not confident in the situation. "I'm having doubts."

    Back on the wall. Archers began firing with Zangoose signals. The arrows mowed down a few, but the army continued to charge with ease, barely noticing their fallen comrades. Then Zangoose looked back at the group, shaking his head.

    "Zangoose agree with Zoroark," said Garchomp, spotting Zangoose's response.

    "Buy us some time. Vex, Zoroark, Garchomp, you're with me and civilian evacs. Zangoose and Frosty will hold this line if they can. Give me a heads up if this line falls."

    Frosty watched the four leave the gate area, leaving him with the gate and wall. Frosty ran up the stairs to the top of the wall, where Zangoose was still directing the archers. They then locked eyes with each other and shrugged.

    "Hey Zangoose, how much money do you have?" asked Frosty.

    Zangoose looked at Frosty in confusion, putting a 'why?' expression on his face. Drawing it out in a 'you've completely lost your mind' kind of way.

    "Because I'm completely broke. And Infernape told me to buy some time."

    Zangoose just shook his head in return. Without looking, he drew an arrow, loads it into his bow and shot it. Most likely killing somebody on the other side of the wall.

    "Looks like there plenty for the both of us…may the best Argo win," he laughed, starting a competition between the two of them. They both turn to face a group of, 200 or so, battle ready soldiers.

    "Be relaxed, be chill, be fluid, and remember your training. You'll survive to fight another day," yelled Frosty, sending words of encouragement to the men, slowly turning around to face towards the large gate.

    By this time, the first wave of enemy troops had charged, and were now dead. The Argonauts and their men remained ready for an attack. Dark clouds began to roll in and thunder echoed in the skies. Rain soon began pouring from the sky.

    After a good thirty minutes passed, the rain and thunder continuing, it started to get dark. The horns of the Axis army roared across the field.

    As the opposing army marched, Zangoose spotted a man with "Get ready" painted on his chest. He looked over at Frosty and whistled like a bird, pointing at the gate. Signaling him to approach it.

    Frosty nodded and walked towards the gate. Once arriving, he slid towards a small peek hole, and slowly peeked through. He saw a man, bloodied and walking like a zombie, moaning like one too.

    "Who is this guy?" quietly asked Frosty to the nearby guards.

    One of the two soldiers who was, guarding the gate, peeked through as well and quickly recognized the men, "Oh that's the nimrod that your CO was looking for."

    "Ohhhh…he's the nimrod…wait…how did you know my CO called him a nimrod? We were on the wall, and I'm guessing you were here," question Frosty, eying the guard suspiciously.

    "Ummm…I'm…a…ninja…" he faked smiled, trying to cover up his own tracks.

    Frosty gave him a look, and began judging him, "Creeper…open the gate," he ordered, stepping to the side of the gate.

    "Do I look like a walking green penis that explodes?" grumbled the soldier, starting the process of opening the gate.

    "I'm still going to ignore you."

    The large wooden and steel gate opened and the man walked through. He looked blank and lost. Blood covered his body from head to toe, with multiple cuts and gashes around his chest, legs and arms. As he continued to slide his feet past the three. Their faces changed into total aw.

    "Oh sh*t!" chorused the three.

    The man had ten to fifteen arrows in his back. And, despite that, he continued to walk until arriving in front of a group of soldiers. Where he dropped to his knees, then his stomach. Dead.

    "Oh sh*t!" cried the group. In total awe as well.

    The two guard's men then began to close the gate, until an arrow pierced both their heads, killing the two instantly. Frosty quickly then took their place, attempting to close gate as well, but he suddenly felt a punch to his helmet, jolting him backwards.

    "F*ck was that?" growled Frosty, looking around wildly for his attacker.

    He felt another hit from behind, then into the stomach, putting him on his knees. And finally, another hit to his helmet put him on his back. Frosty gave a mighty roar, and leaped back onto his feet before a finishing blow could be delivered.

    He quickly realized the gate was still opened, and used an ice beam on the gate in his attempt to close it. But it was destroyed by a boulder which smashed through it, bounced right pass Frosty, and into a few troops. Killing them.

    Standing in front of the destroyed gate was, Trojan Kecleon. From head to toe, he quickly appeared from his camouflage. Kecleon was wearing light, leather armor and had a very large axe. The Trojan was twitching like crazy, licking his lips, scratching his body, and was giggling like a crack head. He probably was…

    Then, hundreds of cloned enemy grunts flushed through the gate, engaging with the defending forces. In the midst of the fight, Kecleon disappeared again.

    "One, two, three, four, five," counted Frosty, killing the enemy grunts with ease.

    On the wall, Zangoose was also killing grunts with ease. Until a flaming boulder smashed a piece of a wall. Blasting the wall apart, killing enemy and friendly troops alike.

    Frosty saw the destruction from a distance, and ran for the gate to scan the battlefield. What he saw, about a mile away from the walls, was the 10 foot robotic Rhydon that he had previously saw a few days before. It looked damaged. Many parts of its body were missing, and its metal coating was covered in scorch marks. It had survived the inferno that Infernape had created.

    Frosty pressed his ear piece and spoke into it, "Zangoose, Imma' gonna' take out that machine, cover me, will ya?" he said.

    Zangoose responded with a nod, and prepared to shoot. Having one eye on Frosty. Waiting for his signal.

    "Don't miss."

    Zangoose briefly went out of his prepared position to glare at Frosty. And then slowly went back into shooting position.

    "It was a joke," Frosty deadpanned. And he began running out into the field. As enemy grunts tried to get a jump on Frosty, they were struck down by Zangoose's arrows.

    The Rhydon locked its scanners on Frosty, who was mere feet from it, and began launching flaming boulders at him. But Frosty dodged every single of them with ease. Frosty began parkouring up the robot, avoiding attacks the whole way up.

    Frosty was on the neck area of the robot. And began stomping on its pressure points, affecting its attacks. Then finally used ice beam on it, cooling the metal down below freezing. He gave it one more stomp, shattering pieces of the armor. The great machine tipped, and fell onto the enemy grunts, killing them. Frosty jumped off the robot and pressed his earpiece.

    "Booya! That robot landed on a good twenty grunts. Sooooo twenty five kills?"

    There was no response from Zangoose, except the sounds of steel clashing in the background.

    "I know speechless right?" laughed Frosty.

    A few seconds later, an arrow bounced off Frosty's helmet. Making him stumble. Dazed for a few seconds.

    "That was joke Zangoose! Can't you take a joke!" yelled Frosty, flipping Zangoose off.

    Soon after, Frosty's "spidey" senses went off, and he ducked as another arrow flew over his head. Getting a little annoyed with Zangoose's actions.

    "Okay! I get it. Stop trying to kill me! Who's team are you on!" he yelled, trying, and kind of failing, to be calm as possible.

    Then, enemy grunts popped up off to his sides and went in for a strike, but were shot down by arrows. Frosty saw it all, then had to refocus as another grunt attacked from his right, but an arrow struck that grunt down as well.

    "Do me a favor. Don't stop missing," he laughed. Then continued to fight and kill enemy grunts with ease.

    Back on the wall, Zangoose continued to rain arrows down on both enemy grunts over and on the wall. As he was about to shoot another, Trojan Kricketune appeared, jumping off the ladder and attempting to go for a strike with his sword, but Zangoose managed to avoid it. Jumping away from the Trojan, he was surprised when Kricketune didn't follow up with more attacks.

    "Alright Argo," growled Kricketune in his unnaturally, musical voice, "I'll surrender if you can get me on both of my knees."

    Zangoose smirked, and reached for an arrow, but didn't take it out. Kricketune made the first move by charging. Zangoose quickly stepped to the side, avoiding Kricketune's attack once again, and took out two arrows, loaded them on his bow, aimed, and released. The arrows traveled and each arrow went into one of Kricketune's knees. As the Trojan was about to go onto his knees, Zangoose took out a knife from his chest belt and quickly sliced the Trojan's rib area. Finally putting him onto his knees.

    Without wasting time, Zangoose viciously kneed Krickutunes spine breaking it, kicking the Trojan to the floor. He died instantly. Zangoose spat on the pathetic excuse for a Trojan. He then continued to help the soldiers on the wall.

    Back on the field. Frosty was still engaging grunts, killing them by the hordes.

    "106, 107, 108, 109," he counted.

    In at this moment his senses went off again. The sounds of grinding machine parts erupt behind him. He turned around, looking at the downed Rhydon machine. The machines eyes turned bright red and its entire body shook the earth. Fire began spraying from its nose.

    "Sh*t…" Frosty quietly whispered, walking slowly away.

    The machine made a thunderous roar. Scaring the sh*t out of Frosty, making him run away as fast as possible. As he reached the gate. He saw Zangoose standing just inside it. As Frosty approached, Zangoose began walking towards him

    "Zangoose?" he asked starting to slow down once he had passed his comrades. He looked up at Zangoose, "We can take this down together…"

    As the words left Frosty's mouth, Zangoose quickly drew another arrow, loaded it, and shot it at Frosty. It bounced off his helmet, stopping him in his tracks, the arrow entered a nearby grunt that was fighting an Earth soldier. Killing the grunt.

    "Okay! Okay! I got it..." he shouted, putting his arms in the air. Turning around, he walked in the opposite direction, "You could have just said it!"

    Zangoose watched Frosty walk away, and then drew another arrow, turned around and shot it at the Rhydon.

    Frosty continued to fight against the enemy grunts. But, at this time, the walls were nearly taken, and the first lines of defense were minutes of being overwhelmed and defeated. He quickly found a soldier who had a war horn on him, grabbed it and blew into it. The horn echoed throughout the area, "Fall back! Fall back!" he shouted, signaling the men to retreat.

    Somewhere in the city…

    The rest of the team was in the evac area. In the middle of the large city square, were four, large, ready-to-launch, drop ships. The process was slow, as hundreds of civilians had to board the ships. Eruptions of shouting poured of the teams radio and Frosty spoke.

    "Defenses has fallen. I'm falling back with what's left of the defense. Zangoose is buying you time. So don't let his efforts go in vain."

    "We're not even close to finishing!"

    The conversation ended when a small part of the civilians were being shot at and killed by enemy archers. "Garchomp, sic them!" Infernape ordered, pointing at the roof that had the grunts on it.

    "Garchomp on it!" he yelled, running towards the building. The ground was shaking thanks to him. And took a monstrous leap and landing on top of the roof, and two of the grunts. And he gave out a mighty roar.

    "Rockets die for killing people!" he growled, quickly eliminating the archers, viciously killing them with his dual Katars.

    As the evacuation slowly passed by, a helicopter circled the area and descended, landing beside the group. Ditto, Machamp, and Toxicroak jumped off the helicopter, while Pidgeot simply landed beside them.

    "What we miss?" asked Pidgeot, looking around.

    "Our first, and only, line of fell. And we now have zero time to evacuate all these people," explained Infernape. But he sounded dead about the notion.

    "Well, shall we push the fast forward button? I'm going to patrol the skies," said Pidgeot flapping his wings, ready to soar up to sky.

    "That was a horrible pun," quietly groaned Ditto.

    "Shut up, Ditto!" he glared, then launched himself into the sky.

    A small jump of ground was felt by the team. They then hear the sound of a building falling, and looked in the direction of the noise. They spotted Zangoose, getting launched through the air, but quickly recovering. He landed smoothly on the top of the drop ships.

    The robot Rhydon smashed right through the building that had Garchomp on it, knocking him off it. The machine startled the civilians and made them rush for the ships. It scanned the area for any possible enemy forces to destroy.

    "That thing is still kicking!" yelled Machamp, pointing at the machine, doing a double take with Infernape.

    Frosty ran over the destroyed building, where he joined up with the rest of the team. He was huffing for air.

    "I thought I burnt it to crisp…" deadpanned Infernape.

    "You didn't!" Frosty gasped, still trying to breathe.

    "Alright. Ditto, Machamp, Zangoose, Frosty, and Rookie, go and handle that over-powered *sshole they call a gundam. Vex, Toxicroak, you're with me, we're going to speed up the evacs.

    They all nodded, and proceeded to their various objectives. The team charged into Rhydon and attacked. Ditto turned into a Noctowl and flew to the sky, "Bring the *sshole down!" he shouted, looking down at the giant.

    "Let's give this b*tch a tip," growled Machamp.

    From a distance, Zangoose launched an arrow, which bounced off the robot's face, grabbing its attention. Frosty was able to slip past the robot and use ice beam on the ground behind it. But the robot's sensed Frosty behind it, and turned around to look at him. Its arm quickly transformed into a cannon, aimed at Frosty, and shot a flaming boulder at him. Frosty didn't have time to block, and received the full strength of the hit. He bounced multiple times on the ground. His helmet and armor padding flew off, destroyed beyond recognition, and crashed into a parked car.

    Zoroark morphed into a Rampardos. Machamp and Zoroark were charging head on, while Zangoose was riding on Zoroark's tail.

    "Let's do this thing!" Machamp yelled.

    Zoroark quickly flicked his tail, launching Zangoose into the air, towards the robot, and he began shooting arrows at its face. At the same time Machamp, with all his might, punched the Rhydon's legs. Zoroark rammed into its chest, and Zangoose round-house kicks it in the face.

    The momentum threw the machine off. Trying to find balance, it steps backwards, right into the ice that Frosty had laid out. The great machine fell, shaking the earth.

    "My turn!" Ditto cried.

    Ditto transformed into a Wailord, and immediately began to fall, quite quickly, back to the earth. The three looked up and watched the whale fall down. They began to slowly walk backwards.

    "This was a horrible, horrible idea, sir," quietly said Zoroark.

    "No sh*t…" whispered Machamp, stretching the words, "f*cking run!"

    They began to sprint out of the blast zone. Frantically and very desperately.

    In the evac ships. The ships were full and ready for launch. Infernape and others cleared the launch area, then a giant blue whale caught his eye, falling. And it finally got to his head. The blast could wreck everything! He quickly grabbed a bigger radio from Toxicroak, "Launch the ships now! I repeat! F*ck the count down protocols and launch that sh*t up!" he yelled, in the most vulgar voice that ether Vex and Toxicroak had ever heard. The ships turned on and roared to life.

    "Why?" asked Toxicroak, with sudden fear in his voice.

    Infernape didn't say anything, but quickly gave back the radio, pointed at Ditto/Wailord in the air.

    "Holy sh*t! That's a nuke!" Toxicroak cried, with his eyes wide open and jaw dropped.

    "Yeah, a blue, 800 pounds of flesh, nuclear bomb," Vex groaned.

    As they quickly ran for their dear lives. But where Infernape was calm and cool, Toxicroak was screaming like a girl.

    As they ran, they ordered other troops to clear the area, and then spotted Infernape, in a car, belted and bracing. So they joined as well. Buckled up and braced themselves.

    As they waited for the impact, Infernape looked at Toxicroak. Knowing that they might die, he began to confess something to him, "Toxicroak...?" he quietly said.

    "Yes sir?..."

    "I'm going to tell you the truth…I love your blue berry muffins that you bake…" whispered Infernape.

    "Sir…I didn't bake those muffins…Blissey did…" sheepishly giggled Toxicroak.

    "What!" Infernape yelled into his face.

    "And since we're doing confessions," Toxicroak said softly, looking at the two, "You're both super cute…"

    "Whaaaatt!" they two yelled into his face.

    Seconds later the Machamp, Zoroark, and Zangoose also hoped into the vehicle clamming into it.

    "We're all going to die in here!" yelled Infernape.

    "Look the adrenaline rush was high. It wasn't our best idea," quietly said Zoroark.

    Then they heard the voice of Ditto's Wailord, echo throughout the area.

    "Booodddyyy Mooothaaa F****ckin Slaaaaam!" He yelled, feet from slamming onto the machine.

    Frosty was recovering from the last hit he had received, and was seriously injured. He wasn't able to move, that much he was sure of. And then he saw the Wailord hurdling down towards the robot and sighed.

    "Sh*t…this is going to hurt," he sighed heavily

    Ditto crashed on top the robot, its cannon accidentally detonating, and launched a round at Frosty, smashing into him and completely destroying the car behind him.

    The slam launched: dirt, rocks, and debris up, covering everything in a cloud of dust, 100 feet diameter off the ground. It launched the vehicle that the team was in into a building.

    Ditto f*cked sh*t up!

    As the dust settled, Ditto return to his normal self. And surprisingly the machine wasn't smashed to pieces. The team finally recovered and gathered around the large crater that Ditto left behind.

    "I hate my job!" Ditto yelled.

    But not soon after, he felt vibrations coming from the downed Rhydon. Its eyes turned bright red, and fire began flaming out of its nose again. And it began slowly getting up.

    "Son of a…" before Ditto was able to finish, he was launched into the air. Ditto quickly recovered, and he and Zoroark quickly transformed into Golurks, and their feet turned to rockets. Machamp quickly punches the machine into the air then both Golurks pushed and launched the robot into the sky. They disbanded from the machine. But it looked like it was recovering, but Garchomp leaped from the earth and attacked it.

    "Garchomp smash!" he yelled, punching the Rhydon, blasting him hundreds of feet away from the city and over a mountain.

    The three landed back on earth, where they watched the ships escape the city, in the thunderous and rainy days end.

    "Alright Loyals. Scout out for any souls that's haven't left this world. Vex you need to get back to your men."

    Zoroark, Ditto, and Machamp went to look for anybody who may be injured from this eruption. It was quiet. No one said a word to each other. The rain was heavy and thunder was loud. The fires of the defeat and death spread throughout the city. It was quiet until Pidgeot yelled through the coms.

    "Ummm…multiple warp signatures detected!" he yelled.

    "Where?" Infernape yelled back.

    The roar of warps was heard north in the skies. Multiple of enemy frigates appeared and rammed into the civilian evac ships, destroyed them all on contact. As the ships explode. Even more enemy ships warp in and around the city.

    "Dear God…all those people…" Toxicroak whispered. With such a sickening feeling his stomach. He dropped to his knees and barfed.

    "Loyal two, come in. Loyal two," came a voice from the coms.

    "This is Infernape. Go ahead Jet," whispered Infernape, still in shock.

    "Command has ordered your team to pull back with what forces you have left. We're abandoning New Saffron. We will send evac for you."


    "Jet, out."

    "Major," said Zoroark.

    "Go ahead."

    "It's Frosty…"

    The team walked through the heavy rain and arrived where the other were. Grief on their faces. Their heads were down. What lay in front of them, imbedded into a wall, were: car parts, blood, dirt, and Frosty.

    Next…Chapter 11 – Hibernation.

    Hope you all like the chapter.

    I'm having a special chapter coming up soon. And this might involve some of peoples time to do. I'm looking for a few volunteers/authors to lend in there stories for a small cameo appearances on the upcoming chapter. I already have the motive and idea to put in who ever story. its just I need help from the community. I thought it was a good idea to you know intertwine stories just for the laughs and lols. I'm only looking for 3. So PM if your interested on helping me. Thanks for reading..
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