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    Challenge 1: Ground
    Completed 1: I, II, III (Yellow, Soul Silver, Emerald)

    Emerald is now complete! Here's how the rest of that challenge went down:

    - Ventured around the sea routes and accessed all of the areas that I had passed before with Surf. Along the way, Trapinch evolved into Vibrava, and Baltoy into Claydol.
    - Went up to Fortree City, beating Team Aqua at the Weather Institute and then May along the way.
    - Beat Winona - Swampert's Ice Beam and Camerupt's Rock Slide worked wonders.
    - Powered on, hitting up Mt. Pyre, the Magma Hideout, and the Aqua Hideout along the way.
    - Surfed across the ocean to Mossdeep City. Defeated Tate & Liza with my Flygon's (now evolved) Crunch and some sweet Surfin' from Swampert.
    - Beat the Magmas at the Space Center, and progressed to the Seafloor Cavern and beat the Aquas.
    - Did the whole Kyogre/Groudon fighting thing, and Rayquaza to the rescue.
    - Battled Juan. I figured it would be a preview of Wallace for the Elite Four... but my Pokemon were about 10 levels up, so it wasn't tough at all. Some well-placed Earthquakes and other powerful moves did the job.
    - Wandered around Hoenn, beating all sorts of trainers in rematches and getting my team prepared for the Elite Four.
    - Went through Victory Road; then grinded everyone up to Level 57.

    Time for the Elite Four! Here's how things went down:

    Sidney: Piece of cake. Flygon was quite useful, as Dragonbreath and Flamethrower worked wonders. Camerupt even threw in an Earthquake on Crawdaunt to help out.
    Phoebe: Pretty easy too. Flygon's Crunch was useful, and Swampert and Camerupt came in with Surf and Earthquake to help out.
    Glacia: A bit more challenging, due to the water-typed Sealeo and Walrein. Camerupt took down the first Sealeo (got lucky with a flinching Rock Slide), and then Swampert used Bide to take down Walrein. From there, things were smooth sailing - Camerupt took care of both Glalies, and Swampert finished off the last Sealeo.
    Drake: He was surprisingly easy. Claydol threw up a Light Screen, and took out Shelgon with an Ice Beam. Then, Flygon took down Kingdra with Dragonbreath, and Claydol's Ice Beam laid rest to Flygon and Salamence. Just for fun, Camerupt came in against Altaria and Rock Slided away.
    Wallace: This one was... a ridiculously hard battle, and took several tries. Here's how it eventually went down:

    - Claydol threw up Light Screen against Wailord. This attack was critical to my success in the game. Claydol won out with Psychics, and coaxed a Full Restore out of Wallace at one point.
    - Tentacruel was next, and it went down to a Swampert Earthquake.
    - Ludicolo. I HATE THIS THING with a passion. Double Team... yeah... So, Claydol went out first and restored the Light Screen, and then I stalled for a while to get Claydol to faint after I threw up yet another Screen. Then, Flygon came in here, and used a Dragonbreath to paralyze Ludicolo, and then Strength'ed away for the victory. Definitely got lucky here...
    - Milotic was next, and this one required some creativity too. With some clever Reviving and Light Screening, Swampert eventually took down Milotic with Bide.
    - Here came Whiscash. Camerupt tried to Amnesia up and beat it, but Earthquake got the better of it. Flygon came in and worked it down to just over 1/4 health with Dragonbreath, and then a critical hit with Strength finished it off.
    - Gyarados was last, and he was easier than expected. Flygon got a nice CH with Dragonbreath, and Gyarados was stupid with trying to use Earthquake. Hyper Beam finished Flygon off, so it was all up to Swampert. Ice Beam finished Gyarados off, and I became the champ!

    So, Emerald is done! On to Platinum!!

    Couple of things I learned that I'd like to share:
    - Never underestimate Light Screen/Reflect. They're great moves to have in your back pocket, especially when you can get a mildly fast Pokemon out to throw them up.
    - Bide is useful too, especially when combined with a screening move.
    - 4x weaknesses suck, especially in a champion battle...

    EDIT: Should probably include my final team!

    Claydol Lv 58 - Light Screen/Reflect/Ice Beam/Psychic
    Camerupt Lv 58 - Amnesia/Rock Slide/Flamethrower/Earthquake
    Swampert Lv 58 - Bide/Ice Beam/Surf/Earthquake
    Flygon Lv 59 - Dragonbreath/Crunch/Strength/Flamethrower

    Also, one more lesson: In a monotype challenge, STAB isn't always critical - I've had several ground-types without ground-type moves, and they've done just fine.