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    Ok, so I hope this will be easy to answer.

    In my game, I have an event (no graphic) that when touched by the player, says a message and makes them turn around. A little way away from it, there is another event that causes a completely different event to walk over to the player. My problem is, the 3rd event that walks to the player passes the event that made the player turn around. Whenever the 3rd event touches it, it just stops moving. Is there a way to delete the 1st event from the 2nd event so the 3rd event can pass over it?

    I am now just worried after typing that that no one will understand what I mean. Here is a model, kind of.


    so the 1s are a simple roadblock that take up the entire path. event 2 makes event 3 walk over to the player, but the event has to cross the path, which rmxp won't let it do, because the 1 events are there.

    Is there a way, when event 2 is touched by the player, to delete the 1 events, or allow event 3 to cross over them?

    Please help if you understand what I am saying
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