Thread: Gold hack: Pokemon Bronze [COMPLETED]
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    Even though I don't even own an emulator to play hacks on, I must say for what this looks like, I can tell it's gonna be great! I lovee Gen 2 as well. G/S/C was my fav series, because personally I just love the arrangement of pokes Gen 2 brough, as well as the mapping graphics. If I could play any other series with the same graphics I'd be living in heaven lol. I can relate to how things fail and then you start again and another time on another project. I had attempted 2 personal projects (not hacks) that both failed. But now, I'm helping do stuff for someone's else's game in the making and I feel like things are getting done more quickly. I know it's just you and your friend, but if I haven't already learned anything from my experience, you should seek help from others, progress will always move in a group, once again good luck I can't wait to see how this turns out
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