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Daiki slouched into the chair after Preserias left. He never felt so weak before. But then again, he had woken up early and had his entire life take an 180 degree turn. He covered his face with his hands, peering through the small gaps of his fingers into the dim lights of the room. He had wondered what ill fate was in store of him, and did he do to deserve such a thing. But then…Daiki realized something. Perhaps it was Preserias pep talk. Perhaps it was an epiphany. Perhaps it nothing deep at all and just a random thought that echoed in his head. Why was he worried? Why did it matter whether or not he was going to live or die? Did death really scare him so? Daiki never gave it much thought before now and that was probably the explanation for why he became so distraught. When speaking with his mother, Daiki simply said what he said to reassure her and to give her a peace of mind, but he never gave it much thought. He never really was concerned about his own well being till now. That must of been the effect of the games. The intended effect. Reduce one to their purest instinct and force them to fight to the death. For whatever reason, speaking to Preserias relaxed him and made Daiki realize that none of it really mattered in the end. His worries and concerns would only hinder him. What would benefit his survival the most was not dreading his own demise…no, it would be to find a purpose. To find some reason to survive.

Perhaps, Preserias could assist Daiki in this quest to find a deeper purpose to compete in the games and strive for victory. Even if the reason was a weak one and nothing more than an excuse to indulge in violence, something Daiki never enjoyed in the slightest. As much as Daiki disliked Preserias political stances (or excuses) Daiki could not ignore the apparent kindness he showed in his talks with Daiki and be seemingly ready to catch himi in his moment of weakness. But would it be right to ask someone to give him a reason to fight? Shouldn't one's desire to survive be enough?

Preserias strode into the room, providing aid to the employees of the ship in their attempt to offer Daiki nourishment of the most opulent kind. Daiki was somewhat used to this of dining, but there was something about the feel of the meal that made everything…different. Daiki couldn't quite articulate. Regardless, Daiki was pleasantly surprised by the whole display. After everything was finished being placed, Daiki bowed slightly in his seat: "Thank you for the fine meal. I wish I could repay you in some fashion. Though working on this ship in itself must be nice in its own way." Daiki presumed their uniforms were a result of having fairly permeant employment for the Gods. The ship was amazing and being surrounded by such beauty must be nice. Though Daiki couldn't help but wonder if there was a catch. He certainly hope there was not one.

Curious as to why Preserias did not join him, Daiki observed the angel on the wall, planted against the wall with the device against his ear. It was a phone too? Daiki could tell there was a conversation being had. And Preserias knew that. His gaze matched Daiki's own. Entranced by the conversation, Daiki listened in, cutting off any attempts to eat or engage in conversation with the servants except for asking them to pour him a glass of milk (though he preferred tea or coffee in the morning). Daiki caught one detail. One that explained a lot of Preserias knowledge, eloquence and importance: He was the district leader for the Angels. The new one it would seem, as Daiki was sure there was another one. The name escaped him at the time, but Daiki could swear that the name was in the headlines recently. Wasn't one of the competitors related to the leader? If so, why was his guide suddenly promoted? All of this was quite confusing especially since Daiki was catching all of this out of context and offhand.

Speaking of his guide, Preserias returned to the table, insisting Daiki consume food.

"Only if you join me, district leader," Daki said with a nod of acknowledgement. "When was your promotion? If I recall correctly, there was another leader. The name escapes me, however."

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