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James 'Skidred' Kenway
Nearing Kanto Enclave

The cold grass was drenching his feet, the refreshing breeze was dancing on his face. The Zangoose was walking in the mist the eternal forest around Kanto Enclave, examining the sun rays that passed through the leaves, illuminating the ground; however, he felt empty inside, despite him being in the enviroment he grew up. He wanted something different to happen, something to keep him interested, apart from the usual ripping-apart.

Skidred suddenly perked up his pointy ears and stared towards the Kanto Enclave, a little further away from where he was right now. He heard Pokemon, many of them, moving together as a group. With his mind in distress - he didn't like company - he sprinted on a fallen tree log, then jumped onto the nearest branch, pulling himself up, jumping on the next branch right after. He reached the small clearing with the Enclave's entrance, to see a group of strange Pokemon; he sat in an owling position atop a tree, examining them closely. Those Pokemon seemed like mechanists, carrying bags and other technological objects with them. Doubts were raised - mechanists or not, what were they doing in this enclave?

He ticked a leaf off the black fur that was hanging on his left shoulder, patted the pistol on his belt while eyeballing the group. He then unsheathed his hatchet and took a leap down the eight feet tree, tumbling to the ground and standing silently at a close but safe distance, with his hatchet hanging down his right hand, almost touching the ground.

'What's going on in here?'

Skidred said in his nicest voice (which still sounded rough) while staring the Linoone in front, who appeared to be the leader.

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