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    Chronicles Of The Koopa Empire

    This is a collection of stories chronicling life in the Koopa Empire and the daily lives of the koopas involved. There will be stories focusing on different aspects of the Koopas as well as its relationship with the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Chapter 1 : Welcome to Castle Koopa

    "So this is Castle Koopa," the koopa troopa said to himself looking up at the towering structure in front of him. "It's a lot bigger than I imagined."

    He knocked on the big red door three times and waited.

    "Who's there?" said a voice from behind the door.

    "My name is Clive Koopa. I have come here to join the Koopa Empire," the koopa troopa said.

    "Hold on a second," Clive heard the voice say. After about ten seconds, the doors to Castle Koopa opened. Clive saw a sledge brother standing in the doorway. He was holding some paperwork, which apparently had details of new recruits.

    "Welcome Clive Koopa. Bowser has been expecting you," the sledge brother said. "Please follow me, I will take you to Bowser."

    Clive nodded without saying anything and proceeded to follow the sledge brother. They walked down the entrance corridor, which had many rooms on either side. At the end of the corridor, they turned left down a few steps, which took them into a large circular room.

    "This is the main lobby. From here, you can get to many different areas of the castle but you don't have to worry about that right now." The sledge brother said. "The throne room is this way."

    The sledge brother then led Clive towards some steps going upwards on the far right hand side of the lobby from where they just came from. They walked up 45 steps to another floor then turned right down another corridor right down to the end. Clive saw a big red double-door in front of him with two hammer brothers standing in front of it.

    "This must be the throne room," Clive thought to himself. While being led to the throne-room, Clive noticed that Castle Koopa looked more like a mansion rather than a castle.

    "Here we are," the sledge brother said. "Remember when talking to Bowser to show some respect. Don't talk unless you are spoken to and keep your head down."

    Clive acknowledged this and continued following the sledge brother. They walked up to the doors and the hammer brothers stopped them.

    "You wish to see Bowser?" one of the hammer brothers said.

    "Yes, I have a new recruit here who wants to join us," the sledge brother said.

    "Okay," the second hammer brother said and knocked on the throne-room door.

    "Come in," shouted Bowser from behind.

    Both Clive and the sledge brother walked up the red carpet towards Bowser and stopped about a few metres from the steps up to where Bowser was sitting. The throne room was massive and had a few doors on either side as well as one larger door behind the throne.

    "What's this then?" Bowser asked looking down at Clive who remained calm and quiet.

    "You can speak now," the sledge brother whispered to Clive.

    "Oh, I am Clive Koopa and I have come to join your empire," Clive said.

    "Oh yes, I have been expecting you." Bowser said. "Thank you, you can go now." he said to the sledge brother who left Clive alone with Bowser as well as a few other guards who were in the room too.

    "Firstly I want to give you a package," Bowser said handing Clive a parcel. "This holds everything you need for being a member of my empire. Inside you will find a handbook detailing the rules and regulations as well as a guided map of this castle. Also inside is your ID card showing you're a certified member of the Koopa Empire."

    Clive opened the parcel and looked at the ID card, which had his name, personal details and an ID number. He also noticed something else, which confused him. On the bottom right, it said in capital letters, "LEVEL 1".

    "What does level 1 mean?" Clive asked.

    "That is your level number. You are a new member and all members start at level 1. Basically at the moment, you have restricted access to certain parts of the castle. The higher your level number, the more access you have. There are six levels altogether," Bowser explained.

    "I understand," Clive said and put the ID card away.

    "One of my guards will show you to your room. You will need a key to get in and your parcel should already have one," Bowser said and then motioned for a hammer brother near the throne-room door to come over.

    A hammer brother walked over towards Clive and Bowser.

    "Escort Clive to his room," Bowser said to the hammer brother.

    "Yes Bowser," the hammer brother said then turned to Clive. "Follow me," he said as they both left the throne-room.


    After a few more walks up and down corridors and stairs, they finally got to the residential section, which had lots of rooms on either side. They got to a door numbered 130W. The W meant west as they were in the west wing.

    "This will be your room for now on," the hammer brother said. "Bowser will want to see you again in an hour's time."

    "Thank you," Clive said and took out the key to open his door.

    "Your welcome," the hammer brother said and left.

    Clive walked into his room, which was quite small but had everything he needed. Clive dropped his parcel underneath the bed and kept his ID card inside his shell. He took the handbook and map out and started reading.

    After about 45 minutes, Clive left his room ready to go and see Bowser hoping to start work right away. He read the map several times so he wouldn't get lost and managed to find Bowser's throne-room right away. The hammer brothers guarding the door recognised Clive and allowed him to go through.

    "Welcome back Clive," Bowser said. "Its now time for you to begin your empire duties," he added and passed Clive a piece of paper. Clive opened it and saw a picture of a Toad.

    "Your first mission will be to capture this Toad and bring him to me. He is one of King Oscar's most trusted spies and is a big threat to the Koopa Empire," Bowser said.

    "I'll do it. King Oscar is the Mushroom King and Peach's father, right?" Clive asked.

    "That is correct. But you don't have to worry about him just yet. Just bring me this Toad alive and unharmed and I'll be more than happy. His name is Preston K. Toad. You will need some ropes and a cloth to restrain him. You can get them down in the stock room," Bowser said.

    "Right away," Clive said before Bowser dismissed him. He found the stock room not too far from the main entrance. After getting the stuff he needed he put them in a bag then left the castle and headed over to Toad Town.

    Clive started walking west down the long road when he heard a voice behind him shout.

    "HEY, WAIT!" the voice shouted making Clive jump. Another koopa troopa ran towards Clive.

    "Sorry to disturb you but Bowser forgot to mention something. As a koopa troopa, you will not be able to just walk into Toad Town as easy as that. You'll need a disguise to fool the Toads into thinking you're one of them. Then lure that Toad out of the town out of sight and do what you have to do." the koopa troopa said and handed Clive a Toad disguise.

    "Thank you," Clive said and put the disguise on right away as the koopa troopa ran away.

    "Now capturing this Preston should be a breeze," Clive laughed to himself. He now looked like a real Toad. Clive continued to walk towards Toad Town. After a few hours, he finally reached his destination. Inside Toad Town were lots of Toads and mushroom shaped houses. Clive was greeted by a toad on the edge of the main road.

    "Greetings sir, how are you?" he said. Not wanting to blow his cover although he was in a hurry, Clive decided to answer politely.

    "Err.. I'm fine thank you. Actually I'm looking for someone," Clive said.

    "Who you're looking for?" The toad asked.

    "This guy, his name is Preston K. Toad," Clive said showing the toad the picture Bowser gave him.

    "Oh I know him. He works for Peach. You can find him in the inn at the bottom of the road. He usually pops in there for a drink," the toad said.

    "Thank you," Clive said and walked on. "What a sucker, this disguise works perfectly," Clive said to himself. "This will be a piece of cake."

    Clive found the inn at the bottom of the road and walked right in. He looked around and saw his target sitting alone in a corner of the inn. Clive grinned. "Good, he's all alone now's my chance," he thought. He walked over to Preston and began to speak.

    "Excuse me, are you Preston K. Toad?" Clive asked once he was close enough.

    "Who wants to know?" Preston asked.

    "Oh sorry, I don't mean to be rude. My name is Frank P. Toad and I was sent by King Oscar himself to come and get you," Clive lied.

    "What does King Oscar want me for and what connection do you have with him?" Preston said.

    "I am a faithful servant of the king and he told me some vital information, which has come up and wants you to check it out. He has also asked me to come with you," Clive said.

    "What kind of information?" Preston asked.

    "The king has word that Bowser is planning an attack on Rose Town and has asked you to check it out," Clive said.

    "Well if thats the case then I'd better go. Let's go." Preston said and got up to go. Clive followed along behind satisfied the mission was working. They walked out of Toad Town towards Rose Town , which was the same road Clive took to enter Toad Town. As they were walking, Clive looked around to make sure no-one was around. Once they were out of sight from everyone, Clive quickly jumped on Preston.

    "Hey, wha.." Preston started to say before having a cloth shoved in his mouth silencing him. Preston saw Clive take some rope out of his bag and looked at him confused.

    "I'm so sorry to have to do this but Bowser can't have you being a threat to his kingdom any longer," Clive said while tying up Preston.

    "Bowser?" Preston thought. Once Preston had been fully tied up, Clive removed his disguise to reveal his true koopa troopa form. Preston's heart sank as he now realised that he had been tricked. He tried to struggle but to no avail.

    "Struggle all you want, you won't break free," Clive sneered before pulling Preston up to his feet.

    "Now to take you to Bowser, he's gonna be so pleased to see you," Clive laughed as Preston glared at him angrily. Clive lifted Preston up and carried him over his shoulders. Preston continued to struggle and squirm but it was no use. Clive carried Preston all the way back to Castle Koopa and the throne-room before dumping him on the floor in front of Bowser.

    "Excellent work," Bowser said. "He'll make a fine slave."

    Preston looked up weakly at the mention of the word slave. Clive laughed at Preston's reaction.

    "Okay Clive, you may go now. In your room, you will find a rota. On that will be all your duties and jobs for the week. When you complete your weekly jobs, you will get a new rota," Bowser said.

    "What about him?" Clive asked pointing down to the tied up Preston.

    "I'll get someone else to deal with him," Bowser said.

    Clive nodded his head and walked out of the throne-room and Bowser smiled as the doors closed behind Clive.
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