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I saw comments about Ice and Poison, granted the type itself sucks, but the moves for both those types are pretty common in competitive teams. Although the type and Pokemon with those types are usually pathetically weak, they really don't need major boosts as they already counter a few of the more devastating types.

Ice is the end all beat all trump to Dragon Pokemon. There is only 1 Non-Legendary Dragon Pokemon that isn't weak to Ice types and that's Kingdra who's stats aren't all that great.

Now the original post said something that COULD have lead to Bug and Ghost's relationship to change. Sableye and Spiritomb are annoying when hacked, not that they aren't annoying on their own. Giving the ONLY type combination in existence without a weakness, a weakness is a good thing.

Other than that Bug is also one of the weaker types with even less effective attack moves than Poison or Ice, and really other than a small handful, Bug types aren't used that often. Pokemon or attack wise.
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